The head of the Supreme court of Chechnya has resigned after criticism of Kadyrov

The chief justice of Chechnya, Magomed Karataev has resigned after criticism of the acting head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov on may 5, reports TV channel “Grozny”, which refers to a conversation with a former judge.

“Specific examples were given of errors committed by the district judges. It was glaring evidence of gross violations of the law, and I take full responsibility for these mistakes made by the judges. Claims of the head of the Chechen Republic to me, as a leader, is justified,” said Karataev.

However, he acknowledged that “adequately failed to control the work”. “The proposal of the head [of Chechnya] to resign I accept and bring before him and the Chechen people an apology. The statement about the termination of powers written by me”, — he said.

According to him, he considered and considers himself “a member of the team of Akhmat-Haji Kadyrov”. “Departing with his current positions, I at all times not leaving this team anytime and on any day when Ramzan sees fit to call me, I’m ready to go to any specific position,” — said Karataev.

May 5, Kadyrov has published in his Instagram a statement in which called on the President of the Supreme court of the Republic and three judges to resign.

Kadyrov said that he had addressed such a proposal to the judges during a meeting with members of the Supreme court and Federal district judges, which were given the examples related to the tightening of terms of consideration of criminal cases on the merits”. Took place and “an egregious example, when located in the Federal wanted list member of illegal armed groups court decision declared “missing persons”, said Kadyrov.

The next day Karataev expressed hope that the acting head of the Republic will change their opinion when “the truth will be revealed”. He noted that Kadyrov’s “misled”.

On the same day the publication Life said that in his possession were two resignations: one from the President of the Supreme court of Chechnya Karatayev, the other judges of the Grozny district court Khusainova. However officially this information has not been confirmed.

7 may, “Kommersant”, citing sources, reported that the judge of the Urus-Martan and Grozny city district courts Supyan Yandarov and Sindi Khusainov written statement on voluntary resignation after criticism of Kadyrov. The “Kommersant” noted that the President of the Supreme court hopes to remain in his post.