The media learned about the failure of Spain to miss the plane with the foreign Minister of Britain

EN route to Gibraltar plane RAF with foreign Minister Philip Hammond on Board was forced to change the trajectory and fly over Portugal, as Spain did not let it into its airspace. This was announced by the officials of the British newspaper Sunday Express.

According to the publication, the incident occurred a week after the boat Royal Navy of great Britain fired a warning shot in the direction of the Spanish patrol boats in Gibraltar.

As noted by the Sunday Express, in 1989, in Spain there is a ban on crossing its airspace by military aircraft of Britain. if their ultimate goal is Gibraltar. However, the sources claim that the Spanish authorities were aware of the fact that on Board is Britain’s foreign Minister, but the Board still denied it was in flight over Spain. The British plane was forced to bypass Spain continue through the airspace of Portugal.

5 may The Daily Mail reported that the vessel of the civil guard of Spain’s Rio Cedena twice tried to prevent the American submarine, which was heading to Gibraltar. After this British Royal Navy sent a patrol boat HMS Sabre, which opened warning fire. The newspaper clarified that the incident occurred in mid-April. According to his sources, it was the first two years of the incident, when the Navy of Britain were forced to launch a warning missile at the Spanish vessel.

Gibraltar — British overseas territory on the South of the Iberian Peninsula. In the North it borders with Spain, which also lays claim to these territories. In 2012, Queen Sofia of Spain has cancelled a visit to Britain to celebrate the Diamond jubilee of the reign of Elizabeth II because of the disagreements of the two States over the status of Gibraltar.