The government determined the amount of the salaries of the top management of Nazarli

Deputy Director of the Federal service of national guard troops Russia will get the salary in the amount of about 50 thousand rubles a month. This is stated in the draft decree of the government of the country, published on the official portal of projects of normative legal acts on may 16.

Head of service April 5, was President Vladimir Putin appointed former commander of the interior troops Viktor Zolotov.

According to the document, the salary of the first Deputy Director of the service is 54 thousand rubles. Zolotova Deputy will receive a salary at 52.8 thousand rubles. The salary for 50.4 thousand rubles will appoint the first Deputy chief of the General staff of the troops of Regardie. Less than 50 thousand for their work will receive the chief of General Directorate, heads of departments of Regardie, Deputy chief of the General staff of national guard troops of the Russian Federation. Their salary, according to the published draft of the resolution, will amount to 48 thousand rubles.

Less likely to cadets of educational institutions of Regardie (8.4 thousand rubles), as well as soldiers and sailors serving under contract in the armed forces of the new service (12 thousand rubles).

These figures are slightly higher than the salaries of the managerial staff of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the divisions which created the National guard. According to the order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia from January 22, 2015 “On the organization establish the salaries the salary of the first Deputy interior Minister Alexander Gorovoy is 45 thousand rubles. The salaries of Deputy Ministers, state secretaries, deputies, the head of the investigative Department of the MVD is equal to 44 thousand rubles.

Moreover, the real income declared by the Ministry of internal Affairs, indicate that the monthly payments given the premium is much higher — not less than 300 thousand rubles. Gorov 2014 declared income of 4.3 million rubles. State Secretary — Deputy Minister Igor Zubov with a salary of 44 thousand rubles earned 4.8 million rubles. Michael Vanichkin, Deputy Minister of interior, in the same year declared of 5.8 million rubles of income.

This year, the Ministry of internal Affairs revenues not yet announced.

In the case of the civil service salary often accounts for about 20% of the total wages, says an expert on the civil service Paul Kudyukin. “In the case of the National guard will most likely need to add the rank pay grade, allowances for the complexity and secrecy, the special conditions, as well as stimulating supplements. In the end, the salary for the position can also be not more than 20%,” he says.

Former senior officer of the Central apparatus of the Ministry of internal Affairs confirms that the salary in the Ministry is about 20% of the final salary. “Added to the official salary according to rank, seniority bonus, secrecy, work in the Central apparatus, and it is also possible to gain for a degree. So in the end, the person with a salary of 54 thousand rubles. will be to obtain not less than 250 thousand rubles. per month, and possibly more,” — said the source .

According to Rosstat, in 2015 the average salary in the Ministry of interior amounted to 86 thousand rubles

President Vladimir Putin announced the creation of the Federal service of national guard troops of Russia on 5 April 2016. Formed a new service on the basis of the internal troops (VV) of the interior Ministry. Part of Regardie to include units of Riot police and SWAT, the Center for special purpose rapid reaction force and aviation, private security, interior Ministry units, which are engaged in control over observance of legislation in the sphere of trafficking in weapons and in the field of private security activities, as well as FGUP “Protection”.