China called the cultural revolution a” mistake

On Tuesday, the official organ of the Communist party of China newspaper people’s daily issued an editorial to the 50-year anniversary of the “cultural revolution” in the country. According to the publication, this process, launched by the Chairman of the CPC Central Committee Mao Zedong and “exploited for their purposes reactionaries” was a disaster for the party and the Chinese themselves. “Cultural revolution”, according to “people’s daily”, was completely wrong in his theory and practice.

“After 30 years of reform and opening to the world, China became a great power, the quality of life of citizens has increased, the legal system is improving. — emphasizes the newspaper. — for the bright future we can’t allow the repetition of the “cultural revolution” in any way”.

According to the British Financial Times, editorial of the party newspaper column appeared at a time when China is on the rise is “leftist nostalgia for the days of Mao. The authorities of the country through its official mouthpiece of trying to suppress such sentiments.

The FT recalls a reception in early may, the eve of the anniversary. Held in the great hall of the people (the Chinese Parliament building), the reception was decorated with a nostalgic theme decor, in particular, anti-American slogans. Subsequently, when news about a similar gala dinner has penetrated into the social network, sponsors of the reception were accused of bad decorating of the organizers of the event, a censorship office, according to the FT, began to remove posts about him in the Chinese part of Internet.

Foreign media reported that, in General, the 50-year anniversary of the “cultural revolution”, which was celebrated on Monday, Chinese media had been silent. Ideological campaigns of the years 1966-1976 against “internal and external revanchism”, deployed with the filing of Mao and his entourage, led to mass reprisals — only members of the Communist party suffered one in four, 5 million people, the total number of victims of this policy is estimated at 100 million people.