The Cossacks told his version of the incident with Bulk in Anapa

The attackers on the team of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny near the airport of Anapa, are not the Cossacks, declared the duty on the Anapa district Cossack society Ivan Petrov. According to him, when “the Lord came with his companions in the airport of Anapa, where he was greeted by men in camouflage uniforms”. First, they applauded him, and then the fracas began.

“Those who attacked Navalny and his associates, are not the Cossacks. Police are now looking for them”, — said Petrov. He said that he does not know who exactly attacked them.

“The Cossacks – those who stood on video in black uniforms, the guards who serve at the airport. They separated for a fight,” — said Petrov. According to him, when in the square before the airport began to gather people in a camouflage, the commander of the guards stopped ringing chieftain and the chieftain gave the command to strengthen the vigilantes.

The Cossack introduced himself as Dmitry Slobodow, told Reuters that the original plan was just to throw Bulk milk, and the clashes began after one of the employees pushed the old Cossack.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, supporters Navalny reported about the attack. One of the employees of FBK, Artyom Torchinsky, they broke the temple. The attackers, as he told supporters Navalny, there were a few dozen people. At first they poured milk opposition, and then shouting “You hit me!” and “Get out of our Kuban land!” started beating everyone, including women, said a spokesman for the FCO Kira Armys. The part of the attackers was in full uniform, she said. “These things can be bought in any store,” said Petrov.

First Deputy interior Minister Alexander Gorovoy took under personal control incident in Anapa with opposition activist Alexei Navalny and his supporters, said the Deputy Dmitry Gudkov. “I had a meeting with the Deputy Minister for the transfer of my personal request. Gorovoy itself passed a resolution under him,” — said the Deputy. In her request the MP asked to thoroughly investigate the incident because the attack was political in nature. He also drew attention to the inaction of the police.