The former investigator was asked to open a criminal case Navalny

As told Karpov on Tuesday , may 16, he filed for libel by the Bulk and the other unknown to him. According to a former investigator, they accused him of committing grave and especially grave crimes.

“We are talking about the four videos Russian untouchables (“the untouchables Russians”), which had been distributed by William Browder in your campaign against me,” — said Karpov. He recalled that in 2015, the petty-bourgeois court of Moscow has recognized this information untrue. Despite this, Navalny continued to the end of 2015 and in April 2015 to distribute on your website and on the website of “echo of Moscow” article with the images of these rollers and the links to them, said a former investigator.

“In addition, in one of the articles he wrote, which put a lot of effort to distribute these videos. As a lawyer, [he] gives an account of his actions,” — said Karpov.

The official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk has not answered the call . In a press-service of the Department failed to promptly respond to the request for comments. The interlocutor in the office of the Metropolitan police Department said that the matter has been the office for the organization of inquiry.

According to Lifenews, according to Karpov initiated ugolovnoe case, but are unable to obtain confirmation of this information.

A spokesman for the Fund Navalny Kira Armys said Bulk notification did not occur and that the Foundation first heard about the statement Karpov.