The media learned about allowing Gazprom to pay the dividends is less than the required

“Gazprom” will pay for 2015 dividends — 50% of net profit, the company, and not under IFRS. This is 175,2 billion rubles, or 7.4 RUR per share. Write about it on Tuesday the newspaper “Kommersant” and “Vedomosti”, citing its sources familiar with the situation, and an unnamed Federal officials.

According to both publications, the decision was agreed at the last Monday meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The sources of Kommersant familiar with the situation, adding that the Directive to state representatives in the Board of Directors of “Gazprom” can be signed already today. The Council shall issue recommendations on dividends 19 may, the newspaper said.

The publication stresses that that is the amount of 175 billion rubles. — recommended that a management “Gazprom” the Board of Directors in early April.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman and the representative in charge of energy Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich declined to comment, writes “Kommersant”. Representatives of “Gazprom”, the press-Secretary of Medvedev, the economic development Ministry, energy Ministry and Finance Ministry did not comment on the topic, add “Vedomosti”.

A senior official and two Federal officials told Vedomosti that until now, the government’s approach to dividends has been very tough, budget situation does not allow concessions for companies. To “Gazprom”, according to them, had a special relationship: this is the main payer of dividends in the budget for him and the decision was made to raise them.

The sources emphasize that the Ministry of energy opposed the common approach to “Gazprom”, in view of the very large investment programme, resulting in the example, the construction “Forces of Siberia”. Falling budget revenues, of course, concerned, but “Gazprom” apparently convinced that the financial resources he really needs, said a senior official.

Thus, writes “Kommersant”, the largest state-owned companies, under various pretexts, had bypassed the government order of 19 April, by which it was proposed to pay a dividend in the amount of 50% of the larger net profit, the company or IFRS. So, “Rosneft” in the end will pay 124.5 billion rubles. (about 35% according to IFRS), “Rosneftegaz” — 36 billion rubles (50% of adjusted earnings, the company). Although the payment of “Gazprom” will remain the largest, it will account for only 22.3% of IFRS net income, the newspaper said.