In the ruling party will discuss the withdrawal with the election of the Duma Khinshtein and millionaire

United Russia may exclude from participation in the primaries a few dozen people, said a source close to the leadership of the party, and confirmed by one of United Russia. The primaries determine the candidates for deputies of the state Duma, they will be held on may 22. Before the Federal organizational Committee on holding of the primaries to dismiss on different grounds to those who showed up for early voting.

The majority of participants can be suspended due to the fact that they failed twice to take part in the debate (this is a requirement of regulation on primaries). Today at risk 61 people, including 38 never took part in the debate, and 23 had an argument with opponents only once, says a source in the party. The debate will continue until 20 may, so that many of them will be able to perform the normal position, says United Russia.

Some people will be removed for other reasons, told the interlocutors. According to them, the leadership of the party “has received negative signals on the four known people – a Deputy, who comes from business, Mikhail Slipenchuk, the former Governor of Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich, as well as deputies Alexander Khinshtein and Elena Nikolaeva. Not the fact that they will be suspended from participation in the primaries and, accordingly, are deprived of the opportunity to participate in the Duma elections, but such a scenario now being considered, says United Russia. According to him, this will be the case if the party leadership decides that they diskreditiert party.

Slipenchuk is a large entrepreneur, it is unlikely he will be welcomed by the voters, tells one of sources. Another source close to the leadership of the party, says that the United Russia party check, whether the time Slipenchuk refused to offshore, as the law requires. If not, then this is a serious breach, says the source.

Slipenchuk became a member in 2011 and occupies the post of Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on natural resources, environment and ecology. Last year Slipenchuk took second place in the list of the richest MPs and 148 took place in the ranking of the richest Russian businessmen according to Forbes magazine. Recently appeared in the press, among the owners “of the Panama offshore companies”. According to the documents, he could belong to the offshore company in the British virgin Islands. In the words of Slipenchuk, 2015, it was not the owner of the specified offshore.

According to Mikhail Yurevich is the investigation test, the suspect in the beating, says the source in the “United Russia”. According to him, most likely he will be suspended from participation in the primaries on this basis.

Hinstein have an uneasy relationship with the regional elite, Samara and Nizhny Novgorod regions, United Russia, explains the possible removal of the MP from participating in primaries. Hinstein in the current Duma represents the Samara region, but in the primaries moved in the Nizhny Novgorod region. He has a rating in both regions, says the source familiar with the plans of the Deputy. But he came into conflict with the leadership of the Samara region, and this story eventually reached the presidential envoy in Volga Federal district Mikhail Babich, allegedly causing his dissatisfaction.

Hinstein in the first degree in journalism, worked in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” since 1992. First elected to the state Duma in 2003 as a single-seat districts in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Now Khinshtein is a member of “United Russia”, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption. One of the key topics dealt with by the Deputy, is a problem of the deceived shareholders.

In 2011 Khinshtein changed Nizhny Novgorod oblast, Samara, participating in the primaries. Then the Deputy explained the situation, difficulties in cooperation with local authorities and accused them of trying to manipulate the preliminary vote. Lately Hinstein actively criticized the mayor of Samara Oleg Fursova for the scandal with the birthday celebration of the mayor.

The reason for exclusion Nikolaeva calls United Russia, the scandal around the “Gold pretzels”. In 2012, she was accused that she combine parliamentary activities with the business, allegedly involved in the firm “Golden pretzel”. Nikolaev these claims were denied.

Asked to comment on the situation Khinshtein said that he did not know about it. Same answer and Nikolaev.

Slipenchuk is now unavailable for comment, it is a business trip, his representative said.

With the participation of the Maria Makutenas