Nuland told about the negotiations with Surkov

Assistant Secretary of state Victoria Nuland called the constructive meeting held in the evening on Tuesday, may 17, talks with Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov. She said that during the meeting they discussed issues related to Minsk agreements.

“We have just concluded a very constructive round of discussions here in Moscow. Yesterday we had a discussion, which the Russian side was headed by assistant to the President Surkov,” Nuland said to journalists on Wednesday following the meeting with Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

According to Nuland, at a meeting with Surkov discussed such issues as strengthening security in the South-East of Ukraine, improving the access of OSCE political commitments, including the preparations for the elections in the Donbass. Assistant Secretary of state noted that the participants in the conversation “deeply immersed in all aspects of the Minsk talks”.

“We are not included in the “channel format”, — but will work in parallel with them to achieve implementation of the Minsk agreements”, concluded Nuland.

That Victoria Nuland met with Vladislav Surkov, during his visit to Moscow on 17 may, earlier today, reported “Interfax” political analyst Alexei Chesnakov. Details of the meeting were not disclosed.

The last time Nuland was on a visit to Russia in January of this year. Then she also met with assistant to the President Surkov. Policy discussed the implementation of Minsk agreements. The meeting, which lasted several hours, took place near Kaliningrad. Surkov called the talks useful. According to him, during the meeting was spent brainstorming on the issue of the Minsk agreements.