Nuland urged Russia to “press the gas” to improve relations with the United States

Imposed by the US against Russia sanctions could be lifted if Moscow will fully perform the Minsk agreement, said U.S. assistant Secretary of state Victoria Nuland.

“As our President said, if and when the Minsk agreements are fully implemented, sanctions can be lifted,” — said Nuland at the end of the meeting with zamministra of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov (quoted by “Interfax”).

She noted that the United States want the Minsk agreements were executed “as soon as possible” and called on Russia “to push the gas and see the Minsk agreement fully implemented”.

“This will have a positive impact on peace and security in Ukraine, will have a positive impact on bilateral relations of Russia and Ukraine will be good for relations between Russia and the United States,” said Nuland.

She stressed that the United States agreed with the participants of the talks in the Normandy format that will work in parallel, “trying to speed up the talks, with Kiev and with Moscow.”

The assistant Secretary of state arrived in Moscow on 17 may. On the same day, she held talks with Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov. Nuland called the meeting constructive and said that in the conversation raised the issue of strengthening security in the South-East of Ukraine, improve the access of the OSCE in the area of konfliktai the implementation of the political commitments, including the preparations for the elections in the Donbass. Earlier, Nuland obsuzhdali the situation in the South-East with Surkov during his visit to Russia in January of this ode. The politicians met in the Kaliningrad region. Surkov called the talks useful. According to him, during the meeting was spent brainstorming on the issue of the Minsk agreements.