Parliamentarians in Venice recognized the Crimea as part of Russia

The resolution on recognition of the Republic of Crimea as part of Russia with an appeal to EU countries to lift imposed against Moscow after the annexation of the Peninsula sanctions was adopted on Wednesday by a majority of votes. In it was supported by 27 members of the regional Parliament, nine voted against, said the report of the Council of the Veneto region, whose capital is Venice.

The resolution condemned “the discriminatory and unfair from the point of view of the principles of international law” European Union policy towards the Peninsula. The initiative of legislators has given rise to the newspaper Corriere del Veneto on the eve to put the region on a par with allies, Russia, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Uganda, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe and Syria”.

The resolution was proposed on April 20, and then actively promoted the leader of the faction “List, JII” Stefano Valdegamberi. In her support in addition to his associates said the supporters and allies of ex-Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s right-wing conservative camp (from the party “Forward, Italy!” and “Brothers of Italy”), as well as advocating for the empowerment of the Italian autonomists regions of “Veneto League — Northern League” and “We — the inhabitants of the Veneto”. Opposition MPs from the ruling in Italy of the democratic party voted against.

It is not surprising that the right has supported this initiative — “personal friendship between Silvio Berlusconi and [Russian President] Vladimir Putin is known to all,” said Il Fatto Quotidiano. Support autonomists also not accidental — resolution “should loudly reaffirm the right of residents of Crimea to choose their own future”, explained Valdegamberi. His companion, Sylvia Rizotto also pointed out: “We have always supported the idea of self-determination, we did, when it came to the Venetians, and not have to change views in the case of the Crimea”. With regard to the lifting of sanctions, the argument was also used economic: from the European sanctions against Russia Italian exports lost €3.6 billion, the majority of the losses occurred in the Northern regions, including the Veneto — €688 million

Though the resolution has no practical significance, forced to respond and Moscow, and Kiev. “And the vote on the resolution to the regional Council of Veneto, and other political processes, such as public opinion polls, the referendum in the Netherlands — all shows that the process of anti-Russian propaganda in the context of Ukraine has not so much stalled, how many starts to spin in the opposite direction and to work against those who launched it. This is only the beginning,” said the morning of Wednesday the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. The Ukrainian Ambassador to Italy Yevhen Perelygin, in turn, wrote to the regional Parliament the letter in which stated that Crimea was and remains an integral part of Ukraine. “Using the theme of the Crimea and sanctions against Russia did not become a surprise for us. The author of the draft resolution <…> the well-known proposals to hold a referendum on independence of Veneto”, — quotes the diplomat “European truth”.