The headquarters of the trump estimated his fortune twice Forbes

The statement of the election headquarters trump is dedicated to transfer them to the Federal election Commission help about personal Finance, indicated that the General condition of the candidate is $10 billion. the statement stressed that the policy income was $557 million, not counting dividends, royalties, income from capital gains. That’s $190 million more than the income of the trump in 2014.

The report States that part of the profits trump spent including during the electoral campaign.

The Forbes magazine list of the richest people in USA as of 18 may puts trump in 121st place and estimates his fortune at $4.5 billion.

The headquarters are the words of trump, who said his income statement amounted to 104 pages and was the largest in the entire history of the Federal election Commission. “I built a fantastic company and concentrated in the hands of one of the best asset portfolios in real estate. That’s exactly the kind of thinking and to our country”, – said the politician.

Two days ago The Wall Street Journal published an article which indicated that Donald trump is getting ready to start a campaign to raise funds for his election campaign, obviously not expecting that it will be enough private money to compete with the candidate of the Democratic party. The publication pointed out that Barack Obama made during the election campaign in 2012 spent about $721 million, which exceeds the personal income of the trump.

Trump is a major contender for the presidency from the Republican party after their fight after the primaries in Indiana refused his main rival Ted Cruz.