Sberbank will begin to issue the card “the World” since the beginning of autumn

Sberbank of Russia will start issuing the cards “the World” in the early fall of 2016, said the Deputy Chairman of Sberbank Alexander Torbakhov at a press conference on Thursday. “By the end of summer we will be ready, with the beginning of autumn we start the first issue”, — quotes the Chairman of Sberbank, “Interfax”.

Says Executive Vice-President ARB Elman Mehdiyev, it is unlikely that the fall in the number of card holders of the “World” will increase dramatically, but gradual growth is possible. According to him, with other conditions being equal, customers will choose the card that will promote the Bank. However, in order for the client went on to change map previously obtained Visa or Mastercard on the card “the World”, the latter should be very favorable terms, and information about it to the client still need to convey, said Mehdiyev.

Most likely, the savings Bank will gradually transfer the national map for payroll clients of the public sector, said Mehdiyev. “As for the reception, given the design culture, if Sberbank announced the release of the cards from the fall, he is not interested in receiving complaints from customers who have had problems with payment by card. By this time the Bank will have to ensure the card acceptance”.

In March, the Central Bank sent 51 large Bank a letter requesting to start accepting card “the World” in all serviced outlets and to produce maps for state employees since the first of July, wrote “Kommersant” with reference to the letter of the regulator. Therefore, the decision of Sberbank on the beginning of emission is to be expected, says the head of the National Council of the financial market Andrei Yemelin.
According to him, Sberbank is quite a costly rebuilding of the infrastructure. However, Emelin does not expect that the fall will begin mass production of cards.

The first time the issue of cards was announced on 15 December 2015. The first issuing banks “of the World” were Gazprombank, MDM Bank, Moscow Industrial Bank, Russian national commercial Bank “Russia”, Svyaz-Bank and SMP Bank. However, the issue was wearing a pilot nature.

Now among the participants of the payment system “World” means 90 banks are on the website of the national payment system, emit its 13 banks, and take – 29. Already released tens of thousands of cards “the World”, said the representative of the press service of the NPCs Elena Bocharova.