The head of the COP found in the statements of Obama’s “almost quoting verbatim” Hitler

Constitutional court Chairman Valery Zorkin accused the U.S. disregard for international norms of the UN. According to him, Washington also operates, “as did Nazi Germany, ignoring the institution of the League of Nations”. Zorkin has seen in the words of President Barack Obama’s “almost quoting verbatim” the propagandists of the Third Reich, including Hitler.

Thursday Zorkin gave a lecture at the VI St. Petersburg international legal forum dedicated to trust law. He said that now society is faced with deep military-political and economic crisis, which emerged after the collapse of the USSR and the breach of a bipolar world where the only superpower was the USA.

Zorkin said that the speeches of the American President is increasingly sounding the thesis of exceptionalism of America and Americans. He noted that domestic propaganda and U.S. foreign policy focused on military buildup. “To no country in the world could not compare with the United States” — says Zorkin.

“But, At the post-Soviet era constantly bypasses the rules of the UN in exactly the same way as did Nazi Germany, ignoring the institution of the League of Nations. Any unbiased educated man sees in this statement Obama almost verbatim quoting of the leading politicians and promoters of the German Third Reich, including Adolf Hitler. In fact, Obama has said the same thing previously talked about the exclusiveness of the Germans and Germany’s Nazi bosses, unleashing world war”, — said the head of the COP. “President Obama has repeatedly stated that only America, because of its exclusivity, should define the basic rules of world trade”, — he added.

Earlier this week, may 17, Zorkin said about the attitude of law in Russia. He said that Russia is not yet a fully democratic government, because so far there are calls “to live in truth and not according to the law”.

“We are in a transitional stage of its development. Russia has not taken legal barrier. It would be difficult to hope for this after thousands of years of stereotypes, in which the law and the law is not in the first place, and the main principle was “let us live in truth, and not according to the law”, — said Zorkin.