The head of the national guard under reported income for 2015

The higher ranks of the interior Ministry, which appear in the Federal service of national guard troops, reported income for 2015. Information, published Thursday on the website of the national guard.

The commander of the troops of the national guard Viktor Zolotov earned last year, 6.3 million rubles. the former Wife of zamministra of internal Affairs received income of only 240 thousand Zolotov Income for the year almost has not changed: according to the Declaration in 2014, his income is made up 6.08 million RUB., and his wife earned a little more than 400 thousand.

Gold also reported that he owns three plots of land (the land area — 11 868 sq. m, 4 998 sq. m 277 sq. m), two houses with an area of 274 sq. m. 1069 and gold declared on the area of 189 sq. m and one third share of apartments with an area of 171,6 sq. m.

In the ownership of Zolotov set the Mercedes Benz G-class-Moto-ATV Yamaha. In addition, information about income Zolotov listed Parking place, glacier, maintenance and inspection booth.

In the new Declaration Zolotov pointed out several properties that were not in last year’s Declaration. For example, in the document there is a new plot with an area of 277 sq. m. Plot in the same area, according to the unified state register was in the ownership of the full namesake Zolotov. According to the map, it was adjacent to two other plots, which, according to the unified state register, owned by the namesake of Zolotov and the area of which coincided with the declared ex-zamglavy BB land.

Also in the Declaration appeared previously undeclared and inspection booth area of 1.5 sq. m. According to the unified state register, inspection booth area since 2002 belonged to the namesake of Viktor Zolotov.

From the new Declaration has gone flat area 171,6 sq. m specified in the Declaration for 2014. Now there is flat, covering an area of 178,5 sq. m. the Apartment is this area, according USRR, owns the namesake Zolotov.

In early April, after the decree of President on establishment of national guard troops, Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny has published an investigation, according to which the family Solomovich owns four land plots with a total area of 2.6 hectares, four apartments (1016 sq ft) and five houses (2488 m). Some of the objects of the same area was indicated in the Declaration of the head of the family, published in June last year, but without specifying their location.

In addition to the lands and estate of Zolotov and his wife Valentina FBK and considered property of their adult children — Roman and Zhanna, to declare that gold is not required.

More commander of the national guard have earned the Deputy commander of troops of the Siberian regional command of the MIA of Vladimir Bloodless, his income amounted to RUB 9.2 million as well As the Deputy glavnokomanduyuschego internal troops of the MIA of Russia for financial and economic Affairs Vyacheslav Marchuk, he earned 9.1 million RUB Among the spouses of heads of all earned more than the wife of Sergey Lebedev, head of the main Directorate of private security of the MIA of Russia.

Earlier, the government published a draft resolution, under which decided the salaries of the Deputy Director of the Federal service of national guard troops. According to the draft, the salary will be about 50 thousand RUB per month. Real wages, according to a former senior employee of the Central apparatus of the interior Ministry, is much higher: salary is about 20% of the final payments.