The U.S. state Department explained their claims to the “Nord stream-2”

Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” is not a commercial project, infrastructure for the supply of Russian gas to Europe through Ukraine already exists and works well, said the special envoy and coordinator of the US state Department on international energy Amos Hochstein. Interview with him published on 19 may, Interfax and “Kommersant”.

“I don’t agree that the Nord stream-2″ is a commercial project, said Hochstein. Nord stream-1″ filled only 70 percent. <…> The commercial benefit of building a new pipeline for $ 12 billion, despite the fact that the infrastructure already exists and gas prices are currently low, doubtful. The pipeline through Ukraine is working and working well,” he explained.

On the question of why the United States supports the projects of gas supplies to Europe from Azerbaijan via the southern corridor, Hochstein responded that these projects will allow Europe to receive gas from sources that previously had not had access that increases competition.

“So this project is an important part of diversification. While Nord stream-2” is directing the same gas to the same supplier, not simply through Ukraine, and through Germany, and that’s all he’s doing is on the “South corridor” will gas from Azerbaijan, and maybe in the future from Turkmenistan, to Europe. That is, in Europe will come new sources of energy”, — said the special envoy of the state Department.

He said that he sees no future “without Russia as one of the largest gas supplier in the European market”. “For me it is absolutely clear. But why try on a regular basis to eliminate competition in the market?”, he asked a question. “I’m all for the maximum number of possibilities of gas supplies, for competition and, consequently, affordable prices”, — summed up this part of the conversation Hochstein.

He also praised the outcome of the negotiations in Doha for the freezing of oil production, during which participants are unable to come to an agreement. According to Hochstein, in the argument for freezing the production was “a fundamental flaw”. In his opinion, the fall in oil prices occurred due to saturation of the market when the supply greatly exceeded the demand. “But if the problem is the glut of the market, the freezing of production at its max will not solve the problem. It’s just it will be delayed”, — concluded Hochstein.

As already wrote , on may 17 in the Greek city of Thessaloniki hosted the ceremony of launching the construction of the TRANS Adriatic pipeline that will deliver Azerbaijani gas to Italy. It will be a continuation of the TRANS-Anatolian gas pipeline, both of them are the project “southern gas corridor”, approved by the EU.

Active in the construction of gas pipelines “southern transport corridor” is on the background of worsening relations between Ankara and Moscow and stop the negotiations on the gas pipeline from Russia “Turkish stream”, which was conceived as a replacement for previously blocked by the EU project “South stream”. In turn, the “South stream” was to allow to refuse transit of Russian gas to Europe through Ukraine.

In March, eight EU member States opposed the extension of “Northern stream”. The heads of governments of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Romania, as well as the President of Lithuania believes that the implementation of the second branch “Northern stream” carries geopolitical threat.