The Verkhovna Rada was renamed Dnepropetrovsk

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Thursday, 19 may, was renamed the regional center of Dnepropetrovsk in the Dnieper river, according to For the corresponding draft of the resolution voted by 247 parliamentarians. The decision on renaming was made of Dnipropetrovsk in the framework of the current Ukrainian law on decommunization.

As noted the issue of renaming has caused Dnipropetrovsk in the Ukrainian Parliament a lively discussion. The majority of the speakers of people’s deputies supported the name Dnepr, however, the Deputy from “Opposition bloc” Oleksandr Vilkul protested against this decision and suggested to keep the name lions. However, he offered to dedicate the city’s name to Saint Peter.

During the session of the Verkhovna Rada also adopted a decision on renaming the city of Dneprodzerginsk to Kamenskoe. This decision was supported by 249 deputies. In addition, were renamed five settlements.

Earlier, in December, Dnipropetrovsk city Council decided to leave the city its current name and considered him to be named in honor of St. Peter. Local deputies appealed to the Verkhovna Rada with a request to keep the Dnepropetrovsk its name.

In April 2015 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a package of laws on de-communization, in which there is a speech including the banning symbols of the Communist party, but also the requirement to rename all geographical names associated with the Soviet party leadership. Later published a list of the 520 figures, the use of whose name names is prohibited.

In may this year the Verkhovna Rada adopted the decision to rename the 74 settlements in the Donbass. The renaming was voted 245 deputies. In particular, the city of Artemovsk of the Perevalsky region of the Luhansk region decided to rename the Ebullient, and the town of Stakhanov in Kadyivka.

Also, the Ukrainian Parliament voted to rename 75 settlements in the Crimea. Among other things it was decided to rename the village the resident of Ulyanovsk Chernobelskogo village Council of the Belogorsky area in the Sultan Caravanserai, the city Krasnoperekopsk — Yana Kapu, village Libknekhtivka Chistopolye village Council of Lenin district in China.