One of the richest state Duma deputies withdrew from the primaries of “United Russia”

“I am a law-abiding citizen of Russia, I have met all of the requirements for the ban on ownership of foreign companies and shut down all foreign accounts. However, according to circumstances beyond my control, made a difficult decision,” — said in comments Slipenchuk.

Slipenchuk became a member in 2011 and occupies the post of Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on natural resources, environment and ecology. Last year Slipenchuk took second place in the list of the richest MPs and 148 took place in the ranking of the richest Russian businessmen according to Forbes magazine.

According to the declarations for 2015, Slipenchuk earned three times less in comparison with 2014, with 868 million rubles to 294.4 million rubles of Income has become smaller, due to the General economic situation in the country. But we must be optimistic”, commented Slipenchuk his Declaration .

In 2015, Slipenchuk were stakes in two small banks — YAR Bank (30,14% after IK “Metropol” and 19,86% directly) and the International Joint-stock Bank (MAB) (68%), last year lost its license. The Central Bank revoked the license for violation of the credit risk assessment, for which the controller was required to build reserves, the amount of claims was so great that the Bank has lost its own capital. The negative difference between the assets and liabilities of MAB on the date of revocation of the license exceeded 9 billion rubles. The second Bank of the YAR, the Bank is 272 th place by assets (8 billion rubles). By the end of 2015, the Bank’s loss amounted to 43 million rubles against a loss of 191 million rubles in 2014, according to the data Banks.<url>.

Is a member of the Board of Trustees of Moscow state University. University, which is headed by President Vladimir Putin. Lately Slipenchuk appeared in the press, among the owners “of the Panama offshore companies”. According to the documents, he is the owner of the offshore company in the British virgin Islands, according to the database, since 2000, registered its offshore Euroimpex Group Corp.). In the words of Slipenchuk, 2015, it was not the owner of the specified offshore.