Putin proposed to develop GLONASS in Asia

For example, “the silk road”

ASEAN countries supported the initiative of Russia on strengthening of integration with the Eurasian economic Union (EEU) and the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO). “All participants of today’s meeting voted unanimously: to unite the efforts of integration associations in the areas where this is possible”, — summed may 20 the result of the summit “Russia-ASEAN” in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said it was a complex process that is always fraught with very substantial negotiations, not only across countries, but mainly by commodity groups.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) includes Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines.

About how to combine various formats of integration, in particular, with the Chinese economic project “silk road”, Putin said in his address to the Federal message in December 2015. For discussion of this proposal at the summit were invited to the SCO Secretary General Rashid Alimov, Chairman of the Eurasian economic Commission Tigran Sargsyan. In the outcome document, the parties agreed to consider Russia’s proposal to conduct a joint study of the prospects for the creation of a free trade zone between the EEU and ASEAN. Of the ten countries is a free trade zone with the EEU has created Vietnam. During the summit was the interest expressed by the representatives of Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

Putin at a press conference said that the issue of cooperation we still have to discuss with our Chinese friends”, but noted that his proposal is very close to the Chinese idea of the economic belt of the silk road. “I’m here no contradiction do not see”, — Putin said.

In addition to economic cooperation, the summit, which was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Russia’s relations with ASEAN, discussed the security issues. All the participants were in favour of joining forces in the fight against terrorism, said Putin at the summit. Shortly before the summit was the first meeting of defense Ministers of Russia and ASEAN countries, he recalled. Now the leaders agreed that the Russian security officers will help with their recommendations to colleagues.

“We agreed to expand practice of holding on the FSB, Russia’s annual courses for colleagues from the countries “tens”, as well as to build partnership relations of the MIA of Russia with the Association of national police ASEAN”, — shared his plans with Putin.

Prime Minister of Laos Thonglang Sisoulith at a press conference all statements were supported Putin, and also reported that the participants of the summit “is not subjected to pressure from third parties to refrain and prevent the summit”. Japanese media have repeatedly reported that Washington has put pressure on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, that he did not come to Sochi. The visit of the Japanese Prime Minister was held on 6 may.

Modest business

On a press-conferences Vladimir Putin has again pointed out that economic relations between the two countries does not meet their potential. He started the Breakfast meeting of leaders from the business community. Russia’s trade with ASEAN amounted to $13.7 billion, quite modest, gave the example of the President. that, he said, “looks relatively modest”. For comparison with China, ASEAN turnover is $80 billion.

Russia, according to the President, ready to meet the growing demand of ASEAN countries for energy, to offer designs of nuclear power plants of new generation, interested in participating in the construction of modern Railways and also invites countries to implement the Russian satellite system GLONASS.

ASEAN countries, in turn, believes Putin can participate in the programs of priority development of the Russian Far East, modernization of Transsib and others. All participants in the he in these two days was invited to the Eastern economic forum in September and the forum in Saint-Petersburg.

Projects and principles of interaction in the economy were discussed at the Business forum on Thursday. Then Asian businessmen from the podium and on the sidelines saying that we should start with the basics — to simplify the visa regime with Russia, but also pointed to the absence of direct air links between their countries and Russia.

Specific projects on the forum almost never discussed. Putin and other members of the Russian delegation told about available. Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov suggested as an example a project to build a railway JSC “Russian Railways”, which it leads into Indonesian Kalimantan. Energy Minister Alexander Novak spoke about readiness to expand energy supplies in all the countries concerned. However is announced before the start of the summit the signing Rosneft and indonesische Pertamina agreement neftepererabatyvajushhego construction of the plant in Indonesia was not signed.

New projects are still there, insisted the President of the Russian chamber of Commerce and industry Sergei Katyrin said to him, have proposed that the “road map” of the 57 projects.