Putin rejected the thesis about the willingness to “sell” the Kuril Islands

“As for our relations with Japan and the thesis that we are ready to sell something. We do not sell anything. Russia is more ready to buy, but not sell anything,” said 20 may the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, in Sochi in answer to a journalist’s question about, not whether Russia is trading with Japan about a peace Treaty. “We are ready to engage in dialogue with all our partners, including with Japan, including at the conclusion of a peace Treaty,” Putin said.

He said that Moscow does not bind economic cooperation with Tokyo from concluding a peace Treaty. “We are one with the other associate. We just want to develop relations, Putin said. — We do not associate with one another, we are discussing all the options, all the direction relations”.

6 may took place in Sochi negotiations of Vladimir Putin with Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, following which the two countries agreed to resume consultations on the conclusion of a peace Treaty. After talks with Putin, Abe said that the solution to the issue of the Northern territories is found and a peace Treaty will be signed. He also said he offered Putin a new approach to solving the problem of the Kuril Islands and the Russian President supported the idea.

Details of the new approach, Abe did not disclose. Former Russian Ambassador to Japan Alexander Panov told “Vedomosti” that probably refers to the fact that Japan agrees to the transfer of the two Islands. Carnegie Moscow center has published a column in which also it was suggested partial transfer of the Islands to Japan in exchange for economic support.

The news Agency TASS then quoted a source in the Russian foreign Ministry, which called the assumptions about the transfer of “nonsense”. “To think that in our dialogue with Japan we are talking about “sale” or transfer of the Kuril Islands in exchange for economic assistance, and submit this “new approach” mentioned by the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, primitive”, — said the source TASS.