The Central Bank is obliged to require from banks information about the contributors

Amendments to the law “On banks and banking activity” has already been signed by President Vladimir Putin, establish additional rules storage banks of information, including the register of investors and the data about operations, and also the procedure to transfer it to the Bank.

The new amendments have obliged the regulator to require a backup of all documents, including the register of investors, if it sees grounds for revocation of the license. And if the CB sees no reason for the rehabilitation, imposed a ban on some operations, restricted deposits, or by sending a check to the Bank, the law allows it (but not obligation) to demand such copies.

All banks are required to keep information on electronic media, to create online backups of databases, to provide them daily access controller and pass it to him on demand. If the Bank does not, the Chairman of the Board, who addressed most of the requests of the Central Bank about granting of the information needs to be brought to justice.

“In order to store information about assets, liabilities and their movement the credit organization must reflect all the transactions and other transactions in databases on electronic media… and to provide the possibility of access to such information as of each operational day”, — stated in the law.

The first high-profile case of the disappearance of the register of depositors occurred in 2012, the Bank “holding Credit”. The management of the Bank, which may 1, 2012 has been revoked license, had to submit all Affairs of the interim administration. “When the interim administration came in “holding-Credit” revealed that the Bank is no electronic database and many paper documents — electronic earlier told the newspaper “the Marker” a source close to the interim administration of the Bank. — The “holding-the Credit” has submitted the next version. Two Tajik workers, why it was transferred to the server from one floor on another, unexpectedly it dropped and broke into pieces. Here such misfortune. About paper documents have not said anything yet, but apparently will come up history about any fire”.

Another situation arose in Mosoblbank (now in rehabilitation at SMP Bank). As wrote the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the materials of the investigation, at the direction of the then owner of Mosoblbank Andrzej Malczewski was developed and implemented a scheme that allowed to circumvent the restrictions of the Central Bank to accept deposits from the public and hide their real volume. Staff not officially existing “VIP Department” of the Bank performed operations on depositors ‘ accounts, which funds were derived for the balance and disappeared from official statements.

In fact, it was a “double bookkeeping”, that is, there was a second illegal registry of depositors that were not registered in official statements. As a result of the activities of an organized group led by Andrzej Malczewski was stolen at least 68,29 billion rubles, write “Vedomosti” with reference to the indictment.

The Chairman of the Board of Absolut Bank Andrey Degtyarev sees difficulties in the implementation of the new law — neither financial nor technical. According to him, the law enshrines the current practice. “We already provide at the first request of the Central Bank all the necessary information. Even if some data are not copied now, you can quickly fix it,” — said Degtyarev.

I agree with Degtyarev Deputy financial Director Loko-Bank Alexey Parfenenok. “There is no area that the Bank could at the moment to hide from the Bank. The controller can request whenever you want any information from asset condition to the documents about the selection of the auditor and the amount of bonuses,” he says.

expect a review of the Central Bank.