The Central Bank started to punish banks for false data on borrowers ‘ income

A number of major banks in the Urals received the letter of the Central Bank with the recommendation to transfer part of retail loans in the third category of quality and to create in him the reserves not less than 50%. This was stated by the Deputy Chairman of Ural banking Union Evgeniy Bolotin, speaking on Friday, may 20, the annual sobraniem of the Association “Russia”.

As explained by Bolotin, the letter indicated the names of specific borrowers for which the Bank must create reserves. This is mainly for large borrowers retail loans in the amount of 1-3 million rubles.

The regulator found that the employers of these borrowers pay their taxes, incomparable with the income specified in reference 2 NDF, says Bolotin. Borrowers provide these certificates to the Bank when you apply for a loan. From this, the Central Bank has made two conclusions — either the reference 2 NDFL false and the client’s income is much lower than stated in the certificate, or the company avoids taxes and pays a salary of gray, says Bolotin. In the first case, there is a risk that the borrower will default, because the Bank gave him a loan on the basis that he has a higher salary than actually, says Bolotov. According to him, in the second, there is a risk that the employer will get claims from the tax authorities, will bring salaries out of the shadows, the borrower’s income will decrease and he may go on loan arrears.

According to first Deputy Chairman Alexei Simanovsky, really “there was a letter that contained an offer, but this is not a requirement”. Because there is the argument from the banks, the regulator will examine it, said Simanovsky.

Bolotin believes that according to the normative act of the Central Bank, tax evasion by employers are not a basis for excluding loans from the portfolio of homogeneous loans and create reserves for them. If the borrower pays on the loan, the reasons to create higher reserves there, he adds.

If the employer is willing to issue a certificate with a high salary, the Bank quite difficult to verify such a statement, says partner Tertychny Law Ivan tertychnyy. Help 2-personal income tax — is a reference regarding the amount of taxes withheld by the employer as a tax agent, but gives her not a government Agency, and the company, and the Bank is unable to promptly verify it, says tertychnyy. “Employers pay all withheld from employees personal income tax of the shaft, and pass the tax help 2-personal income tax by employees only once a year. And in fact, the 2-pit is a private, not public document,” explained tertychnyy.

As said the banker from the Bank of the top 15, the controller to them with such recommendations not addressed. He believes that reserve credit is based on how it is serviced, — the borrower, in addition to the salary, there may be other sources of income, and as practice shows, in 50% of cases, when a client loses his job, the mortgage payments continue. “If such recommendations will spread, it will greatly enhance the operating load on both the regulator and bankers,” — said the source.