The court confiscated the property of the former Governor of the Sakhalin 1 billion rubles.

Southern-the Sakhalin city court has decided to pay the the property of the former Governor of the Sakhalin region Alexander Horoshavin in the state. This was reported on the website of the Prosecutor General of Russia. It is noted that under the confiscation also adjudged the property of the wife and son of the former Governor. Its total cost exceeds 1.1 billion rubles.

As have informed in office of public Prosecutor, during the investigation of the case against khoroshavina he and his relatives found a real estate, vehicle, jewelry of precious metals and stones, as well as money in cash and cashless form. The cost of this property exceeds the income eks-heads of region and members of his family.

“During the trial the defendants repeatedly called upon to explain the origin of such an expensive property, however, from September 2015, evidence of its acquisition on legitimate income was not presented,” — said the Prosecutor’s office, Recalling that in such cases the property is subject to forfeiture to the state.

The decision of the court has not yet entered into force. Attorneys Ilya khoroshavina — the son ex-the Governor of Sakhalin has already stated that they will appeal it, reports TASS. In the process, they said that their client is not the subject of the case, because he is already an adult. “In this case creates a precedent of going beyond the law of the Russian Federation. In the future it may hit the existing system of legislation,” — said the lawyer Alexei Salmin. According to prosecutors, which she voiced during the meeting, from 2009 to 2014 Ilya Horoshavin has earned 8.5 million rubles., however, bought a residential building, non-residential premises, land plots, Parking lots at 208,5 mln.

On the request of prosecutors to give the money to the state prizes of the state became known in September. His wife’s lawyer Sergei Zhorin said that we are talking about a few apartments in Moscow, the house on Rublevsky highway in the capital, cash and jewelry. The requirement of the Supervisory authority due to the fact that the ex-Governor did not declare expenses, he explained.

Khoroshavin was arrested in March 2015 — he was suspected of receiving a bribe of $5.6 million after some time, President Vladimir Putin sent his resignation in connection with loss of trust. In April, the programme became a suspect in a bribe of 15 million rubles. While receiving the money is charged not only to the ex-Governor, but his former subordinate — eks-the Minister of agriculture of the Sakhalin oblast Nikolay Borisov and the Vice-Governor Sergei Karepkin. Khoroshavin he pleaded not guilty.

At the end of March, the official representative of the Investigative Committee (SK) Vladimir Markin said that the police are going to show Khoroshavin charges on more than ten counts of receiving bribes. “And all this bribe in especially large size, connected with extortion,” — said Markin. He said that investigative actions on this case is planned to be completed by the summer. The former Governor with the consequence of not cooperating, but that does not stop SC to do their job, said Markin.