The EU decided to extend sanctions against Russia for another six months

The EU agreed to extend imposed sanctions against Russia for another six months, Bloomberg reported, citing six unnamed officials from the European Union. According to interlocutors of the Agency of the four countries participating in the European Union, representatives of all 28 member States of the EU, agreed that the lifting of the sanctions should follow the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. Among his interlocutors Agency calls, including representatives of those countries that are least likely to support sanctions”.

The extension of the sanctions, scheduled for June, will postpone the decision about a possible weakening them until December, when the U.S. replaced the presidential administration, says Bloomberg. According to a senior French official, for the lifting of sanctions in the short term there is no reason. Diplomats from Italy and other countries, without enthusiasm related to the sanctions, in conversation with the Agency said they are still looking for opportunities to weaken these measures. However, efforts to build relations with Russia do not contradict the statements of Germany about the need, first, to establish the peace process in Ukraine, said the source of Bloomberg.

Earlier Friday, French foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said that France would lift sanctions against Russia, but the conditions for this yet. The head of European diplomacy Frederica Mogerini also said today that the question of extension of sanctions against Russia will be discussed next week. According to her, on the strengthening of sanctions is not talking.

Earlier, in January, about the desire of Paris to remove the sanctions, said the French agriculture Minister, st├ęphane Le Foll. He argued that it is also what President Francois Hollande.

The lifting of sanctions already in summer also allowed the Minister of economy of Frazee Emmanuel macron. “Our goal is to have the opportunity to lift the sanctions against Russia, if Minsk agreement will be respected,” he said. To lift the sanctions Paris would want as fast as possible, said French Ambassador to Russia Jean-Maurice Ripper. However, he noted that this issue is associated with the implementation of the Minsk agreements.