The family of the chief investigator, Ministry of internal Affairs has earned more than anyone in the office

Leaders by revenues

The wife of the head of the investigative Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs Alexander Savenkov declared income of $ 72,2 million roubles, follows from the Declaration of the leadership of the Ministry of internal Affairs, published on 20 may on the Agency’s website. As stated in the document, Savenkova wife belong to the apartment with an area of 123.1 sq. m and half of the apartment with an area 170,8 sq. m. the Name of the spouse and sources of income in the published Declaration not given.

He Savenkov earned 5.3 million rubles. He also indicated in the Declaration of two plots with a total area of 3.5 thousand square meters and residential building (628.1 sq m).

Savenkov 21 years served in Prosecutor’s office, was the chief military Prosecutor, and in 2014 was appointed Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltseva. As head of the Investigative Department of the MIA, he began to direct there the army orders, told Agency staff. All investigators then forced to come to work in uniform, Saturday was a working day, and the holiday abroad it was necessary to forget, they complained.

By individual income in the first place is the chief of staff to the Minister Alexei Shishko, who earned last year, more than 29 million rubles, follows from the Declaration. In second place is the first Deputy head of the Directorate for security of major international and mass sports events Anton Gusev. He earned 22.3 million rubles For the third place — the chief of Department of information technology, communications and information protection Sergey Lyashenko, zadeklarirovali more than 13.7 million rubles.

As stated in the Declaration, Deputy Minister Arkady Gostev earned 3.3 million rubles, and his colleague Dmitry Mironov — 2,2 million rubles., Deputy interior Minister Mikhail Vanichkin, who oversees the unit for the control of drug trafficking that have appeared in the structure of the interior Ministry after the liquidation of the Federal drug control service as a separate structure, earned 6.7 million RUB Alexander Gorovoy, who is responsible for the migration division, declared 3.5 million rubles, and his wife — 5,9 million rubles.

Declaration Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev was published on 15 April on the website of the government. The Minister of internal Affairs pointed out as income almost 18 million roubles In the ownership of the three plots of land one seventeenth share one land, two houses, two apartments and a garage.

The defendants in the offshore scandals

State Secretary, Deputy Minister Igor Zubov has declared 5.1 million rubles, land area 1700 sq m and the house (334,4 sq. m). His wife indicated an income of 8.9 million rubles, and two apartments with a total area of 229 sq. m.

Name Zubov was mentioned in the publication “Novaya Gazeta” in connection with the publication “the Panama archive”. The newspaper then wrote that the son of the Deputy Minister Denis Zubov from February 2001 to June 2004, was the sole owner of The Monumental Property Company Ltd, registered in the British virgin Islands.

The interior Ministry then explained that Igor Zubov has no offshore accounts, “issues related to the conduct of financial and economic activities of subjects of civil and corporate relations”, there is not authorized to comment.

Suministra Alexander declared Magonov 3.1 million rubles, two plots of land 4191 sq. m, a third in a plot area of 600 sq. m, apartment (184,1 sq. m) and a sixth of another apartment (50,6 sq. m). His wife earned 5.2 million rubles.

About Mahonova also wrote “Novaya Gazeta”. According to the newspaper, Mahanov through offshore companies owned online cinema Nemo TV. The company then claimed that Magonov went out of business Nemo before joining the interior Ministry.

Wives of police officers

Wives of several senior interior Ministry earn several times more than their husbands. So, the wife of the head of the Main Department for combating extremism of Timur Valiulina earned in 2015 to 25.2 million rubles. She also owns two plots with a total area of 2882 square meters, a house (258,6 sq m) and apartment (57 sqm). It goes on the modest Daewoo Nexia 2002 and VAZ 2106 1986. Her husband declared an income of 2.6 million rubles, an area of 3 thousand square meters. m, two houses with a total area of 308,8 sq. m. and two apartments of 198.5 sqm.

The wife of the head of capital management of economic safety and counteraction of corruption of Sergei Solopov earned 25.3 mln RUB., the Wife of the chief of the Volgograd Academy Vladimir Tretyakov — 14.4 mln RUB it owns ten non-residential premises with total area of sq. m. 2905,5

The wife of the chief of Sochi police Vasily Umnov has earned 13 million rubles., and wife of the chief of police in the Voronezh region Vitaly Fedotov — 12,5 mln., the wife of the head of the Department of operational-investigative information Vitaly Shulika indicated as income of 18.1 million rubles. the Wife of the head of the Metropolitan police Anatoly Yakunin has earned 9.7 million RUB.