Poroshenko called Ukraine “defender of Europe from barbarism and tyranny”

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the Ukrainian people is to protect European civilization from barbarism and tyranny. In his opinion, the struggle of Ukraine against Russian aggression” is the “struggle for Europe”. Statement of the Ukrainian President came during a ceremony of raising the flag of the European Union on the occasion of Europe Day, which is celebrated in Ukraine on may 21.

“Today it is we, Ukrainians, protect Europe from barbarism, tyranny, terrorism, aggression, militarism that hung over all our continent. We, Ukrainians, are today at the forefront of the protection of European civilization. Our Revolution of Dignity – was a revolution for Europe. Our fight against Russian aggression – the struggle for Europe. Therefore, Europe Day is our Ukrainian historical festival”, — quotes Poroshenko his press service.

Poroshenko noted that “self-sacrificing struggle of the Ukrainian people against the Russian aggressors for their choice of civilization, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of a brand new opened to Ukraine and Ukrainians for the whole European continent”.

The President is sure that “Ukraine is confidently appears in the form of a new, extremely promising and ambitious European state”. “I am confident that once Ukrainian citizens will take their seats in the European Parliament, the European Commission, European bodies <…> I am convinced that one day the Ukrainian language will have the status of official language of the European Union”, — said Poroshenko.