Cameron doubted the accession of Turkey to the EU before the year 3000

Turkey cannot join the European Union before the year 3000 at the current pace of negotiations with the countries-EU members. This opinion was expressed by the Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron in an interview with broadcaster ITV.

“Even in the plans there is no chance that Turkey will soon become an EU member. The country applied in 1987. And with the current development progress (in the talks) they will probably be able to join the Union, approximately in the year 3000, according to the latest forecasts,” said Cameron (quoted by The Telegraph).

He recalled that each country that is a member of the EU, has the right to veto the accession of other States in the Union.

In early may, the European Commission suggested the European Parliament and the EU Council to lift visa regime with Turkey, if the authorities until the end of June complete the remaining five of the 72 criteria for lifting the visa restrictions. However, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara will not make changes to anti-terrorism legislation that is present in the requirements.

In addition, among the criteria for the abolition of visa regime includes measures to prevent corruption, conduct of negotiations on the operational agreement with Europol, and judicial cooperation with all countries — members of the Union.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed that the question about the prospects of the entry of Turkey into the EU “is not on the agenda”. While Merkel has said that if Ankara fulfills the terms of the agreement to return illegal migrants, it will support the introduction of a visa-free regime since June of this year.