Gorbachev called Putin’s right decision on the accession of Crimea

The annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia in March 2014, is the right solution. This opinion in an interview with The Sunday Times was expressed by the first and last President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev.

According to Gorbachev, he would have done exactly the same as the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, if he were in a similar situation. “I’m always for the free people of the volutes, and the majority in the Crimea want to reunite with Russia”, — said Gorbachev.

ST journalist in conversation with a politician doubted that a politician would have taken this step, Recalling that Gorbachev contributed to the fall of the Berlin wall. “The only real reason I wouldn’t do it if I was still in power, the Soviet Union existed and the Crimea would be part of it”, — said the first President of the USSR.

During the interview, Gorbachev said that the United States rejoiced in the collapse of the Soviet Union. “Under the table the Americans are gleefully rubbing their hands,” he said. According to Gorbachev, he regrets that “a great country with huge opportunities and resources disappeared.” “Most Russians think like me: they don’t want to go back they don’t want to return it, but deeply regret that it was destroyed”, — concluded the ex-President of the USSR.

In conversation with The Sunday Times he also talked about current relations with Vladimir Putin, which previously, according to the newspaper, he was criticized for staying too long in power. “I recently saw Putin at the event. We have always had a normal relationship. Now I wouldn’t have described them as normal — they simply have no”, — said Gorbachev.

Previously, Gorbachev has repeatedly advocated the annexation of Crimea. “I said, approve of [the annexation of Crimea to Russia], because the people, the Crimean people voted almost unanimously in favour. And voted. I did not expect even that so that’s already ripe,” — said the politician. He also expressed the opinion that the West is now resigned to the fact that the Crimea became part of Russia.