Obama lamented the reluctance of Russia to reduce nuclear weapons

Obama recalled that in 2009, talked about the desire to create a world free from nuclear weapons, however since then considerable progress in this matter has not been reached. He pointed out that at the beginning of his presidential term, has signed an agreement with Russia on the reduction of offensive nuclear arms (start-3), Moscow, however, indicates that not interested in further reducing nuclear arsenals.

Obama explained the stagnation in nuclear disarmament and foreign policy issues in particular the situation in Ukraine.

Interview to TV channel NHK, the American President gave on the eve of visit to Japan, which begins may 25. He stressed that USA and Japan were enemies in the past, and have now become close allies. The change in the relationship Obama has described an example of commitment to peace.

The us President also said he intends to visit Hiroshima, which suffered in the 1945 atomic bombing by the US. Obama could become the first President to arrive in the city, where as a result of the air attacks killed 300 thousand civilians.

Obama’s initiative was met with criticism with a number of American organizations. So, Admiral, Navy, retired Lloyd Vasey said that the President’s trip to Hiroshima will be the actual apology to the Japanese people that will be an insult to all veterans who during the Second World war, fought for the liberation of Asia, according to USA Today..