U.S. General secretly visited Syria to discuss the attack on Raqqa

The head of Central command of US army General Joseph Votel Saturday made a secret trip to Syria, reports Associated Press.

Votel traveled to Syria to check on the progress of the groups from the Arab and Kurdish fighters, whose task will be the fight against the banned in Russia “Islamic state”. He became the highest-ranking representative of the American army, who visited Syria since the start of the U.S. campaign against ISIS in 2014. In addition, according to aides Votela, he became the first senior us military, travelled to Syria in the daytime.

The special representative of the President of the United States in the coalition fight against ISIS Brett Mcguirk said in his Twitter that Votel traveled to Syria to discuss the preparations for the offensive on Raqqa.

The General had held in Syria for about 11 hours. He met with American advisors, who work with Arab fighters, and representatives of a group “Democratic forces of Syria. Votela was accompanied by a group of reporters, but they were forbidden to tell about the trip of General before his departure from Syria.

After that, apart from journalists, Votel made a visit in some unspecified locations in Syria. He then returned to base. The U.S. Central command, which is headed by a General, responsible for planning operations in the middle East, East Africa and Central Asia.

From February 27, in Syria a regime of a ceasefire. It does not apply in respect of organizations recognized as terrorist by the UN security Council.