“United Russia” announced about the threat to burn the plot in the primaries in Primorye

The branch of “United Russia” in Primorye reported more than 50 complaints of candidates who participate in the primaries of the party in the region. In Plastun settlement of Terneisky district, the situation with the preliminary vote “was close to combat,” said the party.

“The counting Commission raided two dozen men and tried to get the Commission to work in favor of one candidate. When this failed, the raiders said that they will burn the station together with the ballot box and the people”, — reported in “United Russia” (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

In the end, for safekeeping the ballot box, accompanied by police officers and observers were evacuated from the building. When the threat has passed, the urn also under surveillance returned to the place. To the area called the police.

The party said that attempts to disrupt the primaries in Primorye started in the morning. “They were attacked by numbers of the call centre, blocked the phones of members of the regional organizing Committee”, — stated in the “United Russia”. In regional branch of the party said that now his representatives have been making efforts to resume operation of call center.

More than 30 complaints relating to bribery of voters by representatives of the candidate Elmira Glubokovsky, came from Nakhodka. In the “United Russia” noted the results of the counting stations, which recorded bribery of voters, can be canceled, reports TASS.