Gref spoke about the results of checking by “Panamanian documents”

Sberbank did not find suspicious transactions on the results of internal audit at “the Panama document”, said the head of the Bank Herman Gref. “We conducted an investigation. During the period while we owned the “Troika” (investment company “Troika Dialog”. — ), any surgery was not. What would be there to either open the archives, we’re very calm,” — said Gref (quoted by TASS).

In the “compare documents”, which were published by the International consortium of investigative journalism (ICJI), it appears the Russian investment company “Troika Dialog”, which since the beginning of 2012 and belongs to Sberbank which until then was owned by businessman Ruben Vardanyan.

According to the investigation, the friend of the Russian President Sergei Roldugin was involved in an operation to obtain control of KAMAZ. In 2007, the “Troika Dialog”, which at that time belonged to Ruben Vardanyan and as the owner of a large stake in KAMAZ, has transferred all rights on management of the company Avtoinvest Ltd (managed shares of KAMAZ) offshore company Avto Holdings Ltd. In the end, Avto Holdings Ltd received the right to participate in shareholders ‘ meetings Avtoinvest and take 95% of dividends. 15% of the offshore belonged to Roldugina through his company Sonnette Overseas were cited in the investigation.

That the savings Bank has established a working group, which began an internal investigation after the publication of “the Panama document”, it became known on April 12. The first conclusions indicate that the Sberbank to offshore Skand uncomplicated, stressed already Gref.

Gref urged not to fry hot cakes” from the data investigation. He noted that “this is all politicized”.