In the Federation Council proposed to reform the government of Russia

Ministers must bear full responsibility for the conduct of policy in a particular industry, and the number of Deputy Prime Ministers should be reduced to one. I expressed such opinion Vice-the speaker of Council of Federation Nikolay Fedorov on the blog on the website of the upper house of Parliament.

According to Fyodorov, to improve the efficiency and accountability “must institutionally change the top of the Executive branch.” “To abolish the posts of Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, to leave one Deputy to the duties of the Chairman in his absence,” said the Senator.

Fedorov has twice been named by the Federal government. From 1990 to 1993, he served as the Minister of justice of Russia. In may 2012, Fyodorov was appointed Minister of agriculture. He left this post April 17, 2015, and in September of the same year became a member of the Federation Council from Chuvashia, whose President was from 1993 to 2010. The interlocutors in the state Duma and close to the government said that Fedorov didn’t want to leave the government. The reason for the resignation they called the inability of the former Minister to establish relations with similar organizations, such as Rosselkhozbank and Rosagroleasing, as well as other claims to the Ministry.

Now in your blog twice former Minister said that the need to fundamentally change the efficiency and responsibility of ministries and their heads. Fedorov expressed the opinion that the position of the Federal Minister remains “inferior”, as many key decisions are made at the level of industry curators — Deputy Prime Minister. The Constitution, as well as “social consciousness”, laying the responsibility for the situation in the industry is on the Ministers and their machine, reminds Fedorov.

The former Minister also proposed to eliminate all branch structural divisions of government office and leave in the structure of the Cabinet of Ministers “a strong legal Department and service units”. This, from his point of view, will eliminate the duplication of office of the third Minister in addition to Vice-Premier, body. The number of ministries, according to Fedorov, it is possible to reduce, in this case, “significantly increasing the salaries of officials.” “It’s hard to expect any results from the expert of the Federal Ministry receiving 20-30 thousand rubles per month”, — he wrote. The system of promotion by allocation of additional Fund of remuneration of labour former Minister has called “opaque” — “in most cases, these funds are used to pay the executives”.

Fedorov said that he decided to share his thoughts about possible reforms of the government on the background of the election of the Chairman of the Board of the Center for strategic research of Alexei Kudrin. “In today’s difficult situation need a “doctor” prescribing although bitter, but healing medicine for our economy”, — he said.