Krasnoyarsk officials accused of flying business class at the expense of the budget

The Prosecutor’s office of Krasnoyarsk convicted the employees of the city administration in inefficient expenditure of budgetary funds, according to a report on the Agency’s website.

The Agency found that “in terms of the budget deficit, a multimillion-dollar debt to the entrepreneurs in contracts administration staff of Krasnoyarsk went to the trip with the costs of travelling business class and staying in hotels “Deluxe”.

The total travel expenses for the past year and the first quarter of 2016 has exceeded 5,8 million rubles, specify in the office. During this period the employees of the administration 16 times traveled abroad: they visited Spain, Japan, Korea, Slovakia and China. The purpose of most travel was to participate in the festivities.

May 20 in connection with necessity of optimisation of expenses of the mayor was made a representation by the Prosecutor, the report said.

Only according to the results in 2016 checks bodies of Prosecutor’s office of the Krasnoyarsk region revealed more than 7 thousand infringements at formation of budgets and the expenditure of budgetary funds and made about 1 thousand views. In respect of the perpetrators, has filed 240 cases of administrative offenses, the court stated in 70 lawsuits.