Milon will have the right to be elected to the state Duma from “United Russia”

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The Deputy of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vitaly Milonov is leading in the primaries “United Russia”, said two people close to the Central Executive Committee of the party in power. According to one of them, the counting is still ongoing, but its separation from opponents is sufficiently large to admit the victory. This means that now the Congress of “United Russia” can put forward its candidate of the state Duma. “Preliminary data say that I have more votes,” confirmed Sam Milon.

Milon was nominated for single-mandate electoral district South of the Northern capital. His main opponent was considered a member of the Supreme Council of “United Russia” Yuri Shuvalov, who is considered close to the former speaker of the state Duma Boris Gryzlov. This year Gryzlov lost his place in the security Council of Russia. Shortly before he lost his job and Shuvalov: he has ceased to be the Deputy chief of staff of the lower house. After that Shuvalov had little chance of passage in the Duma, said the source close to the leadership of “United Russia”.

Previously Milonov complained about the actions of the supporters Shuvalov. According to Milonov, during the counting of the votes of a few dozen people together with Shuvalov allegedly broke into one of the polling stations. Milonov said that he considers the incident closed, because it could stop “these methods”.

Shuvalov himself then gave to understand that he has a claim to move a vote, but it will not “translate it into the plane public proceedings”. “For us, more important than the unity of the party,” he said. Suggested the correspondent to wait for the official results of the primaries.

Vitaly Milonov began his political career in 1991 in Freely-democratic party of Russia, which was co-chaired by Marina salie and Lev Ponomarev. In 1997-1998, Milon was the public assistant to the Deputy of the state Duma, co-Chairman of movement “Democratic Russia” Galina Starovoitova. She has nominated him for election to the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vitaly Milonov has lost, and later became a helper to lead the city Parliament Vadim Tyulpanov.

Since 2007 — Deputy of the legislative Assembly. Different extravagant statements and initiatives in defense of morality and against sexual minorities.

Among the striking initiatives of recent years have been Milonov offer Roskomnadzor to block Facebook in Russia for the fact that the social network launched a feature painting avatar in the colors of the LGBT rainbow. The Deputy noted that, if Roskomnadzor does not respond, he will be forced to appeal to the President of Russia. “I will encourage thousands more people, and we will write to the FSB and Putin that they are behind you negotiate with the enemy,” — said Milonov.

The Deputy also addressed in Roskomnadzor with the request to make the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in the list of banned in Russia as extremist literature and offered the foreign Ministry not to let gay activists from the United States.

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In another single-mandate district of St. Petersburg wins the Deputy of the state Duma Sergei Vostretsov. It is inferior colleague in the lower house, Opera singer Maria Maksakova. Her name often appeared with the media after the wedding with the Communist Denis Boronenkov.

From media persons in the primaries in the Sverdlovsk region the winner is the member of the team “Ural dumplings” Yulia Mikhalkov, says a source close to the party leadership. During the debate opponents Mikhalkov criticized for the fact that it had previously participated in a candid photo shoot. She refused to consider shooting candid.

The most famous of deputies of the state Duma, which relate to political heavyweights win the nomination, says a source in the party. The exception is the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei Pushkov. He was nominated in the Perm region and, according to preliminary data, have not gained enough votes for the nomination to the Duma, according to two sources close to the organizing Committee on carrying out of preliminary voting.

Earlier, the interlocutors in the state Duma said that in the next convocation of the lower house the question may arise about the new head of the international Affairs Committee. Therefore, according to them, the party members are conducting negotiations to include in the list of the Duma representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. It would be a good Chairman of the Committee, claimed the source . The result of the negotiations is still unknown, but Zakharova herself never confirmed the possibility of transition to the Duma.

According to the source close to the organizing Committee of the primaries, in the Leningrad region loses the primaries, the Deputy Elena Nikolaeva. Informed sources in the party said that it can be taken off with early voting due to negative publications in the media. It was reported that she could conduct business and have a debt to Sberbank.