The Russians experienced the strongest since may 2015 the drop in income

Real disposable incomes of Russians in April of this year in annual terms fell by 7.1%, follows from the data of Rosstat on the preliminary assessment of the socio-economic situation in Russia. For the period from January to April, real incomes fell by 4.7%. Thus, April was the worst for the real incomes of Russians by month from the beginning of 2016 and may 2015, when the income of Russians compared to may 2014 decreased by 7.7%.

Earlier, Rosstat brought data showing that real incomes in March 2016 fell 1.8% in February to 4.5% in January to 5.5%. In the first quarter, real income declined by 3.9%. Compared to March, real income in April this year increased by 8%.

The average monthly charged wage in April 2016, according to Rosstat, amounted to 36.2 thousand rubles and in comparison with April 2015 increased by 5.4% in nominal terms. In real terms, the average wage of Russians in April in annual terms fell by 1.7%.

The unemployment rate in April 2016, according to Rosstat, amounted to 5.9%. This was 1 percentage point less than in the previous month. In numerical terms, unemployment equals 4.5 million.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that the Bank of Russia will be able to complement the statistical picture of the data on the dynamics of wages, which will help him make the decision on interest rates next month. The publication notes that the decline in income may force the regulator to reconsider its policy after it six times in a row has left its key rate unchanged.