The state Department predicted the growing influence of technology sanctions against Russia

The impact of technological sanctions against Russia will only increase with time. This was stated by coordinator of the US state Department on sanctions Daniel fried, whose words are included in the Twitter “Atlantic Council”.

“Frid argues that the impact of technology sanctions against Russia related to fracking [technology of extraction of minerals by hydraulic fracturing] and the development of the Arctic, will increase over time”, — stated in the message.

The US imposed the first restrictions on the supply of technological equipment for the Russian oil and gas complex in August 2014. Then was banned the sale of drilling platforms, details for horizontal drilling, underwater drilling, marine equipment to operate in Arctic conditions, software for hydraulic fracturing (frac) etc. In September 2014, US Department of Commerce has extended sanctions: the ban was the issuance of licenses for all products regulated by the Bureau of industry and security under the Ministry of Commerce, in the case of restrictions on shale, deepwater and Arctic projects of five Russian companies — “Gazprom”, “Gazprom Neft”, LUKOIL, “Surgutneftegaz” and “Rosneft”.

In August 2014, the United States banned the supply of technological equipment for the Yuzhno-Kirinskoye field of “Gazprom” in the sea of Okhotsk. This case was the first, when the sanctions hit not a legal or natural person, and the specific field.

Also the limitations associated with the supply of equipment for the extraction of minerals, have been introduced against Russia by the European Union. In July 2014 the Council of the EU imposed sectoral sanctions, by endorsing an embargo on arms trade with Russia and a ban on exports to Russia dual-use goods intended for military sector, also have limited access to sensitive technologies, “particularly in the oil industry.” Restrictions on exports to Russia of technologies and equipment necessary for the modernization of the Russian oil industry. Also a ban was imposed on the licenses of deep-sea drilling, shale oil and Arctic shelf development. Under the sanctions fall the projects in the field of natural gas.

The authorities of the countries of the US and EU have repeatedly stated that linking the lifting of sanctions with the implementation of the Minsk agreements on Ukraine. On may 22, 2016 Bloomberg, citing six unnamed officials of the EU said that the EU countries are planning to extend sanctions against Russia for another six months.

Atlantic Council (Atlantic Council) is an American non-governmental analytical center in the field of international relations. Founded in 1961.