Victims of a series of explosions in Syria began more than 100 people

Victims of a series of explosions in Syria began more than 100 people

The explosions in the coastal cities of Tartous and jableh, killing more than 100 people. About it reports Reuters, citing figures from the Syrian center of monitoring of observance of human rights.

According to human rights activists, in Trotse killed 48 people. The victims of the bombings in Jabal steel at least 53 people. According to the center, we are talking about at least five suicide bombings and two suicide car bombs.

According to the state media of Syria, in Tartous detonated two suicide bombers and car. In Jableh at least one of the explosions occurred near the hospital. It was reported that the other occurred near a bus Parking.

The car exploded in the city of Tartus, Syria. 23 may 2016.

Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

In the Ministry of internal Affairs of Syria at the time acknowledged the death of more than 20 people. The state publication, the name of which Reuters does not, says about 45 dead.

Responsibility for an event already recognized the “Islamic state” (ISIL, a terrorist organization banned in Russia).

According to Al-Masdar, when bombings killed more than 75 people. The correspondent of the publication clarifies that in Tartus explosions occurred at four points — at bus stations, garages, hospitals and gas stations. As writes Al-Masdar, the special forces managed to prevent another vzryva — Thriller in the belt of a suicide bomber tried to blow himself up inside the hospital al-Bassel in Tartus.

In the provinces of Tartus and Latakia, where the blasts occurred, are the places of deployment of Russian military is the President of logistics of the Russian Navy and the airbase Hamim.