Asymmetric sharing: how do you plan to release Savchenko and GRU soldiers”

Pardon for the Russians

On Monday, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said he was ready to sign a pardon convicts however, the pair and Alexander Alexandrov, once I get the necessary documents. After the pardoning, they will be able to return to Russia. That the verdict of the Russians entered into force, no one appealed and it opens the way to the filing of a petition for clemency, wrote in a Facebook lawyer Erofeev Oksana Sokolovsky on Monday.

Sokolowski’s lawyer has previously said that , most likely, will be applied to design with a pardon and not a transfer to Russia to serve his sentence. The second scenario is that Russia recognized the sentence Erofeev and gave. “However, it is clear that neither the one nor the other side of this will not do” — she said may 11 in an interview with radio station “Freedom”.

The lawyer Rybin Valentin Aleksandrov said the pardon is “at the time the best option, because in this case everything will depend on the will of the President”.

According to Sokolovsky, to submit an application will not be neither the prisoners nor their lawyers, since it does not consider the sentence lawful. However, according to the law of Ukraine file a request for clemency can parents, husband or wife, child or other family member, as well as a member of the Commission under the President of Ukraine concerning pardon, authorized the Verkhovna Rada on human rights and of the child. Changes to the law of pardon were made only on may 14 of this year, before the petition for pardon had to be submitted in person.

On Tuesday, the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko said that until has no information about what was received in the Commission on clemency under the President Poroshenko appeal for pardon Alexander and Yerofeyev.

Yerofeyev and Alexandrov in April of this year were sentenced to 14 years imprisonment in the colony for the conduct of terrorist activities. The court acknowledged that they were Russian military, when on may 14 of last year were captured near the town of Happiness. Protection, the Russian Ministry of defense and the defendants had denied that they were Russian military personnel.

Poroshenko last year pardoned Russian Vladimir Starkov, which Kiev called a Russian major. He was also sentenced to 14 years. After the pardon he was exchanged for a prisoner held in the DNR soldier of the Ukrainian army Andrei Grechanova.

Rybin said that, as rapid implementation options with the pardon in the interest of all parties, we can assume that the procedure will be simplified. Usually the application is submitted through the administration of the place of punishment in the Department of pardons of the presidential administration. “How it will be simplified, depends on the Contracting parties,” says fish.

The fate of the Russian citizens Alexander and Yerofeyev President Vladimir Putin discussed with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the 18th of April.

Savchenko under the Convention

Poroshenko on Monday once again expressed readiness to send over Nadiya Savchenko’s presidential plane. He is convinced that she can be in Ukraine until the end of may.

Hope Savchenko takes a principled stand and the application for pardon would not write, said her lawyer Ilya Novikov. Procedure has been launched on her return to Ukraine on the basis of the Convention on the transfer of sentenced persons of 1983, but the process stalled, everything depends on the inertia of the Russian Ministry of justice, another says her lawyer Nikolai Polozov.

May 18, the Russian Minister of justice Alexander Konovalov said that the justice Ministry received from the Ukrainian side the documents on the transfer of Savchenko. Konovalov said that the procedure is “as usual”. “The package [of documents] on the transfer of Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko Ukraine did, going collection and verification of documents” — Konovalov said at a briefing during the VI St. Petersburg international legal forum.

Usually this procedure takes from six months to a year, said Polozov. To expedite the process, we need political will, said the defender.

Savchenko in Ukraine has become a symbol of resistance and patriotism, on the theme of Savchenko is possible to earn political points, that’s why it Poroshenko negotiate, says General Director of the Russian Council on international Affairs Andrey Kortunov. Besides, after the conversation in “Norman format” held on Monday night, Poroshenko is important to create positive momentum, experts say. In Russia Erofeev and Alexander did not become as symbolic figures than can be explained by the limited reaction of the authorities, says Kortunov.

Under the Convention, expected to be transferred to Ukraine and other Ukrainians convicted in Russia. On 8 April, the Russian Ministry of justice instructed the Federal service of execution of punishments to prepare the documents for resolving the issue of the transfer of Ukraine Oleg Sentsov, Oleksandr Kolchenko, Gennady Afanasyev and Yuri Soloshenko. In a few days, the press service of the Ministry said that the Ministry has asked the Ukrainian colleagues with a request for transfer from the Ukraine six prisoners of the Russians. The names of these prisoners or articles for which they were convicted, the justice Ministry did not disclose.