Foreign currency mortgage holders spent the night at the main office of VTB

Currency borrowers VTB 24 for almost a day waiting for a meeting with the first Deputy Chairman of VTB Vasily Titov: they came to the main office of the Bank in the Federation Tower in Moscow on Monday, 23 may, 13:00 Moscow time, told one of the clients of VTB 24 Love, Yuhtenko. According to her, the group currency borrowers on the 19th of April, addressed a letter to Titov, in which he asked to solve the question of restructuring of the mortgage.

As said, Yuhtenko offered by the Bank VTB 24, the program of renting an apartment, transferred to the balance sheet of the Bank, with its subsequent purchase is for a ruble loan, borrowers are not satisfied. “We are a big part of the debt already paid, and for new loan has not the age,” she says.

“Yesterday we tried to sign up to Vasily Titov, the Secretariat said that foreign currency borrowers on this issue to associate with the Chairman will not. Although Titov said that he would take the situation under personal control. We stood in the foyer until 23:00, after that, came the security officer and asked to leave the room, but 10 people decided to stay the night. They brought up blankets and pillows,” he said, Yuhtenko, adding that they will continue to wait for the meeting today. According to her, the borrowers succeed each other in office. “We will be here until we receive a response from the Bank,” says Yukhtenko.

awaiting review VTB.

Bank VTB 24 offers three ways to solve the problem. First — the program of restructuring involves lowering the interest rate, increasing the term of your loan and defer repayment of principal and interest for a period of 6 months to 1 year. Second the program converting rubles — is to convert a loan in the approximate to the rate of exchange at the time of the transaction at a preferential rate of 11% per annum, while increasing the life of the loan. The third way — debt Amnesty — the apartment is taken as repayment of the debt, the terms of such transactions have individual character.

At the beginning of the year, the head of VTB24 Mikhail Zadornov said that in his Bank a number of currency mortgage borrowers of the Bank was reduced in 2015 by almost 30%. “We have a number of currency mortgage borrowers decreased by 27% over last year, including 1.4 thousand clients from 5 thousand restructured their loans, but remained in currency. Approximately 550-600 people have converted the loans into rubles, part repaid the loan,” he said.