The lender Vneshprombank found in the United States real estate eks-the head of the Bank

Registered Panama company Panabroker filed a lawsuit in a new York court with a demand to repay Only the loans with accrued interest. The lawsuit Panabroker appear on the Bank itself, several companies registered in new York, and a former Bank President Larisa Markus.

According to the lawsuit (the document is in), in August 2001, the Panamanian company signed with Vneshprombank “comissione agreement”, which gave the Bank $500 thousand for the purchase of equipment for cleaning oil. In return, the Bank agreed to pay the company a Commission at the rate of 14% on that amount. In December 2001 Panabroker concluded with the Bank the second agreement, providing $1 million for the purchase of equipment for the production of mineral fertilizers. Since 2007, the Commission on this investment was set at 12% per annum.

19 January 2016 Panabroker demanded Vneshprombank to pay the interest on the two agreements ($90 thousand), but the Bank has not fulfilled its obligations. Vneshprombank was disconnected from the system of payments, and during the telephone conversation, the representatives of the Bank reported that Bank accounts have no funds for settlement of payments, stated in the lawsuit. Now Panabroker requires Vneshprombank and companies Marcus with $1.57 million plus interest that continues to accrue.

In the same lawsuit says that Marcus owns eight companies in new York, owning real estate there. This data is received the lender upon request at the Department of state of new York (New York departament of State). Marcus created the company from 2008 to 2015 (they are called LM27D, LM24 etc., LM — the abbreviation of the name Larissa Marcus), stated in the lawsuit. Company owned real estate objects located on West End Avenue, Broad Street, Riverside Boulevard and other streets of new York. Plaintiff notes that real estate in new York was allegedly bought with money derived from Vneshprombank. While half of the companies Marcus laid the objects belonging to them on loans December 4, 2015 and 20 January 2016, said in the lawsuit.

According to the Ledger, Vneshprombank, as of 8 December Panabroker the Bank placed a subordinated loan in the amount of 1.3 billion rubles. Panabroker President is Yuri Sokolov.

The plaintiff is trying to repay the debt due to the property of third parties associated with the Bank, says the head of corporate rights of the company “Samet” Margarita, Sologubenko. But the borrower for this loan is the Bank and the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV), as bankruptcy Trustee of the Bank, on behalf of the defendant should state in court that all the creditors shall be satisfied in the framework of bankruptcy procedure of the Bank, he said. And the fact of this claim will make it easier for the DIA search the property of the owners of the Bank, she adds.

The Bank of Russia revoked the license of Vneshprombank 21 January 2016, find in it record the hole 210 billion rubles, the Bank’s President Larisa Markus, which owned directly 7.5% of its shares, was arrested in December 2015 in a criminal case on the withdrawal of assets from the Bank. Immediately after the arrest of her brother Marcus and co-owner of the Bank — George Bidjamov — went abroad. In March of this year, the Tverskoy district court sanctioned his arrest in absentia, he was charged in the case of the withdrawal of the Bank’s assets. Bejanov has also been put on the international wanted list and detained in Monaco. Now he is in the prison of Monaco in anticipation of an extradition request from the Prosecutor’s office.

As wrote Forbes, Beglov has a 33% five-star luxury hotel badrutt’s Palace Hotel in Switzerland with views of lake St. Moritz, as well as apartments in Paris, London, new York, Israel and Latvia, houses in the South of France and in Italy, shop in Monaco and wine bar Wine Palace, in which, according to the New York Times, and it was last seen.

Real estate Marcus in Russia’s Tver district court seized in February and March 2016. It’s two houses with a total area more than 500 sq. m and land plot of 30 acres on the ruble.