Albats refused to broadcast on “echo of Moscow” because of “censorship”

The output of the program “Full Albats” on radio station “Echo of Moscow” will be suspended, reported to “Interfax” the chief editor of “Echo” Alexei Venediktov. He said that in the past the General Director of the radio station was offered a new contract leading program, the main editor of the magazine The New Times Yevgeniya Albats, who was raised as an attempt of censorship.

“As far as I know, Evgenia Albats has expired contract with the radio station. Around me she is the General Director of “echo of Moscow” by Ekaterina Pavlova has proposed a new draft Treaty, which it regarded as a contract for the censorship,” — said Venediktov.

To be in possession of a copy of the requirements specification for the new contract Albats. It says she “may not speak text or perform other actions that violate commonly accepted norms of morality”, and there is a clause according to which “inconsistent topics, questions, and other information may not be voiced in the course of doing radio programmes”.

“Jack interpreted this as censorship and may have stopped coming on the “Echo”. It really is pure censorship. I did not agree this contract, and expressed him their disagreement. This interference in the work of the editor-in-chief, since, according to the Charter, that I define editorial policy. And I’m not going to introduce censorship,” — said Venediktov.

“Rain” Venediktov said that has established a working group with participation of employees of “echo of Moscow” and representatives of “Gazprommedia”, which should prepare a new draft of the Treaty. The chief editor of “Echo” was assured that he would do everything possible to return Albats in the air.

“I’m furious that Albats lost the program on the echo,” — said Venediktov.

General Director of “Echo” Ekaterina Pavlova, in turn, has informed “Interfax” that she “knew nothing about the closure or suspension of output of the program.” In her words, “decisions of this kind adopts mister Venediktov”. Pavlov also said that in the new Treaty there are no new items that would be subjected to activities Albats censorship.

“I know that she [Albats] refused to sign a new contract, although he was exactly the same as the old one. These are two absolutely identical contract,” — said Pavlov.

The program “Full Albats”, which discusses pressing political issues, go on “echo of Moscow” on a weekly basis from 2004.