Domodedovo has responded to the new claims of the TFR

“When the owners of the airport [Domodedovo] has obtained a license for this activity, it was clearly spelled out and security. At some point, they this item has been removed (…) They have violated the provisions of the license,” — said the official representative of the RCDS Vladimir Markin on March 20 in an interview with radio station “Vesti FM”. He explained that the desire of the airport to save on the employees responsible for security. Head of PR-Department Anatoly Khodorovsky is denied. According to him, prior to 2012 activity provision of aviation security were subject to licensing, the appropriate license from the Federal Agency for transport supervision granted the company “Domodedovo airport aviation Security”. “The changes mentioned by the representative of the RCDS, the license has not been amended. The charges against the employees of the airport in a criminal case [on the provision of services not meeting safety requirements, which caused the terrorist attack in 2011], also contains no mention of changing the license”, — he said .

Jodorowsky also commented on the words Markina that the terrorists had previously traveled to all airports and railway stations of Moscow, Domodedovo selecting as the most vulnerable. He recalled that in the verdict in the case of terrorist attack there is no information about the bomber or his accomplices comparative security check.

Markin acknowledged that in 2011 there was no requirement for one hundred percent inspection of incoming, but accused the airport in the formal approach: “They didn’t have to watch it all. But the suspicious types, you need to inspect. If there is a thin man with a big belly and no attention, probably from the airport was a formal relationship [to safety]”. “The lack of vigilance of the airport to the skinny people with big bellies hardly constitute a serious crime,” — retorted Jodorowsky.

Internal instructions

As previously explained to representatives of Domodedovo, changes in the screening procedures of people at the entrance were made in 2010. It was about how to “methodology of inspection at the entrances to the air terminal complex”. The first version was approved in 2007. She assumed that at the entrance staffed by at least two employees of Service of aviation safety (SAB). They choose suspicious people and offer them to go through metal detectors. The manuals have been listed suspicious signs: aggressive or insecure behavior, drug or alcohol intoxication, not weather appropriate clothing that does not match the social status of the passenger, the baggage, the human desire to blend in with a tour group and several others.

Special attention is offered to give prospective immigrants from Adygea, Dagestan, Ingushetia and Chechnya, as well as Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. This statement was approved by Rostransnadzor and the linear Department of internal Affairs (luvd) to Domodedovo airport.

In 2010, a new screening technology. It is assumed that the entrance on duty, one representative sub and one police officer. The police had to choose suspicious people and guide them through the scope, said in a statement. Unlike the previous version of the manual did not contain a specific list of characteristics. According to the former chief luvd Alexander in Domodedovo Truganina, the police will know who to be suspicious (there are Truganina interrogation in the criminal case).

At his last press conference in February, before the arrest, the owner of the airport Dmitry Mason explained that the new manual envisaged a greater role of the police, because law enforcement authorities had more powers (e.g., in terms of personal inspection of passengers) and in contrast to the employees of SAB were armed. Mason also stressed that none of the technologies did not assume one hundred percent screening visitors, this is not required and the law. This statement also was approved by Rostransnadzor and luvd.

Questioned in a criminal case, a former policeman Vladimir Kaverin patrolling the airport in 2009-2011, spoke about the lack of a significant difference between the two technologies ( managed to see with his questioning). According to the observations of the former patrol, control was carried out formally through the metal detector sent only one person out of 50-60 that were included with the terminal.

However, the verdict in the case of the terrorist act are the words of one of the accomplices of the suicide bomber, who a few days before the attack went in Domodedovo and saw that the passengers no one is inspecting, the scope of the detectors are “just so”, and the police at the airport “almost there”.

Assistance to victims

In an interview to “Vesti FM” Vladimir Markin also commented on the intention of the Domodedovo airport to provide charitable assistance to the victims of the terrorist attack, which became known last week (initial level of the Fund will amount to 150 million rubles). The representative of the RCDS found out about it from the media and expressed doubt that there was enough money for everyone.

“As I got there it is about 30 victims. But, for today, filed a lawsuit for damages 62 people. And the total damage, in my opinion, 1,036 billion rubles”, — said Markin.

He also linked the assistance from “one of the lawyers,” which “is even ready to stand up for Mason.” Informed about his consent with the termination of the criminal case against the owner of the airport and top managers declared the lawyer Igor Trunov, representing the interests of the 42 victims of the attack.

Jodorowsky in conversation with has denied allegations that at the airport there are some limits on the provision of charity care. “Restrictions on the number of victims that can receive charitable assistance is not established. Applications will be considered from all victims, not only of the group, which is represented by Igor Trunov”, — he stressed.

Earlier it became known that the TFR is actively looking for the victims of the terrorist attack, which then serves civil claims in a criminal case. “Among victims there are a lot of foreigners, nationals of Austria, Tajikistan, the consequence is engaged in their investigation,” said the lawyer Trunov. As wrote the newspaper “Vedomosti”, the TFR had intended to seize the property of the airport to ensure these claims.