Poroshenko said that following Savchenko to “return” the Crimea and Donbass

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the Ukrainian servicewoman Nadezhda Savchenko participated in the administration of the President once pardoned in Russia Savchenko arrived in Kiev.

“We are all proud of how she behaved 709 long days. More all waiting for Nadia at home mom and sister”, — said Poroshenko and hugged his mother Savchenko. The Ukrainian leader noted that it was not the first attempt to return of Savchenko to Ukraine. “We tried to change it the 18th, and on may 20, said the President of Ukraine. — This is our common victory”.

“As we have restored Hope, so we will refund the Donbass and the Crimea”, — Poroshenko promised. He also thanked the presidents of France, Francois Hollande, Barack Oblama and EU leaders for the support and for the fact that they supported the sanctions against Russia”.

Poroshenko expressed hope that Kiev will be able to return the other prisoners of Ukrainians. “We will work to Ukrainians had the right to be Ukrainians and to live on their land,” he added.

After him spoke Savchenko. “Thanks mother, who was waiting. Thanks to the sister who fought. Thank you to the people. If the people did not say, politicians wouldn’t have done anything,” said pardoned in Russia Ukrainian pilot. She added, “ready to go to fight for Ukraine until the bitter end.”

“I want people did not want war, I want them to want peace. But it happens this way, without war there is no peace. Very well, there are the Minsk agreements,” — said Savchenko.

“Hey the Russians. There is nothing to fear. From his knees to sit up. We will work to Ukrainians had the right to be Ukrainians and to live on their land,” — said Savchenko. A cry of “Glory to Ukraine,” she concluded.

After the speech, Poroshenko Savchenko handed her the order of Hero of Ukraine, which was assigned to it in absentia.