The media learned about the possible easing of EU sanctions against Russia by the end of the year

The EU can partially lift sanctions against Russia in the end of the year. About it reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to a diplomatic source in Brussels.

“Perhaps the European Union will extend sanctions in recent times, and at the end of the year they can be partially lifted”, — quotes Agency the words of his companion.

He also commented on the statement of the foreign Ministry of Hungary Peter Siyyarto, who on Wednesday spoke out against the automatic extension of EU sanctions against Russia. According to a source “RIA Novosti”, “differences in the matter of sanctions policy among the EU countries is obvious, and now opinions are expressed openly”.

Among the strongest supporters of extending sanctions against Russia, the interlocutor called Poland, Baltic countries, Britain and Sweden. Among those who believe the long-overdue partial or full lifting of sanctions, he pointed out Hungary, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Slovakia.

Last week Bloomberg, citing six unnamed officials from the European Union reported that the EU agreed to extend imposed sanctions against Russia for another six months. The news Agency stressed that representatives of all 28 member States of the EU, agreed that the lifting of the sanctions should follow the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. While Bloomberg emphasized that among the interlocutors including representatives of the countries that are “less likely to support sanctions”.

The Agency noted that the extension of the sanctions, scheduled for June, will postpone the decision about a possible weakening them until December, when the United States changes presidential administration.