The Ministry of economic development predicted the dollar in the corridor, 55-56 RUB.

The Ministry expects a reduction in the volatility of the ruble, told reporters Deputy head of vedosta Alexei Vedev on the sidelines of the Astana economic forum, reports TASS. “I think the volatility will decline and the exchange rate will be in the range of 55-65 rubles per dollar for the future and will depend on oil prices,” — said Vedev.

The Deputy Minister also noted that liabilities in foreign currency in the banking system is significantly greater than the assets. “I have serious doubts that the free ruble liquidity will go into foreign currency in a Bank asset. Small risks”, — said the Deputy head of Minekonomrazvitiya (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

Speaking about the decision of the Bank of Russia to liberalize the exchange rate and the devaluation of the Russian currency in 2014, Vedev noted that “it was the best of the bad solutions.” “Of course, for the full implementation of the policy of inflation targeting and free floating need to the share of oil exports in the current account was significantly lower. So, it turns out that the exchange rate will inevitably fluctuate more than the price of oil. This is probably the main problem for the exchange rate than the surplus liquidity”, — said the Deputy head of Ministry of economic development.

According to Ministry’s estimates, the banking sector already, there is a surplus of liquidity. As Vedev said earlier on Wednesday whether to increase, depends on interest rates and economic activity.

On the eve of Russia’s Finance Ministry has placed Eurobonds for $1.75 billion.

According to analysts, if the paper will buy Russian investors, the placement of Eurobonds could weaken the ruble. If the inflow of funds will come from the West, the Russian currency may strengthen.

Amid the deployment of Russian Eurobonds and rising oil prices the ruble on the Moscow stock exchange on Wednesday began to strengthen. The dollar calculations “tomorrow” at 10.14 GMT environment decreased to 65.9 Euro — RUB to 73,53