The Russians for a month has lowered its forecast for the ruble by 40%

The Russians as of the end of April expected in a year for $1 will be given 69 rubles, follows from the results of a survey conducted by VTSIOM. This projection is almost 40% more pessimistic received social scientists at the end of March: then, respondents on average expected that after a year the rate would be 49 rubles for $1.

At the end of April 2015, the respondents suggested that in a year $1 will cost 51 rubles, follows from the data VTSIOM. In fact, a year after the survey the official dollar rate set by the Central Bank, was 29% more expensive — 66 RUB

More than half of respondents (57%) prefer to keep their savings in rubles, 3% — in dollars, 2% — in euros. These indicators persist for a third straight month. In comparison with March by 1% to 39% — increase in the number of those who admitted that they did not make savings.

The polls reported a decline in interest in the fluctuations of the currency. The number of respondents not interested in the dollar against the RUB, increased by 6% to 49%. Number tracking the rate regularly decreased by 2% to 19%, and those who follow the fluctuations from time to time, from 35% to 31%.

The poll was conducted April 23-24 in 130 populated localities in 46 regions. The sample size was 1.6 thousand people.