The Swedish Parliament approved the agreement with NATO on the admission of NATO forces in the country

The Swedish Parliament ratified on Wednesday, may 25, the agreement on granting NATO a wider access to the country, which is not a member of the Alliance for exercises, as well as in case of war in the region, according to Reuters. According to the Agency, the decision was taken amid “growing tension in relations with Russia.”

“This agreement does not change any of our relations with NATO or our policies in the area of security. We will remain non-aligned [government],” he said, speaking in Parliament, Minister of defence of Sweden Peter Hultqvist. “No NATO troops on Swedish territory without an invitation will not be”, — he added.

Reuters reminds that the convergence of Sweden with NATO has already caused discontent of Moscow. At the end of April the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in interview to the newspaper Dagens Nyheter said that Russia will take measures if Sweden will decide to join NATO.

“If Sweden decides to join NATO, we will not thoughts that the Swedes decide to attack us. I can tell you. But, since the Swedish military infrastructure in that situation will already be subject to the Supreme command of NATO, of course, we are on our Northern borders will be forced to take appropriate military-technical measures, based on the fact that on the other side of the border is a military-political bloc, which considers Russia a threat and wants to restrain it in every possible way”, — said Lavrov.