The Taliban elected a new leader

The new leader of the Afghan movement “Taliban” has become Malawi Najibullah Akhunzada. This is stated in the statement of the representative of Talibs of Zabiulla Mujahed, according to Reuters.

He also confirmed that the previous leader of the movement, Akhtar Mohammad Mansour, was killed near the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan in drone strike the United States.

About the RAID, the U.S. air force became known in the night of may 22. According to Reuters, the purpose of the drone was a car which moved on the territory of Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan. It has been reported that the strike killed a Taliban leader and another insurgent. According to the Agency, the operation was personally approved by President Barack Obama.

Information about the death of Mansoor was confirmed by a senior leader of the Taliban Mullah Abdul Rauf and the government of Afghanistan.

At the same time, the actions of the American authorities did not find understanding on the part of Pakistan — Ministry of foreign Affairs of the country, said that he considers the drone strike Mansour, who was hiding in Pakistan as “violation of sovereignty”. According to Ministerstva, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was not informed about the actions of the US military. After that the US Ambassador was summoned to the foreign Ministry of Pakistan.

According to Reuters, the United States failed to make progress in the peace talks with the Taliban after the insurgents headed by Mansur. It is this, said the Agency, has caused Obama to change plans for the withdrawal of most American troops from Afghanistan.