Putin dismissed Deputy General Murov as Director of FSO

General of the army

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on dismissal of Yevgeny Murov from the office of Director of the Federal security service. As reported on Thursday, may 26, the press service of the Kremlin, the Moores filed a statement on their own. The new Director of the FSO, the Deputy Murov Dmitry Kochnev, who was in charge of the presidential security Service. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov explained that the choice Kochneva due to his professionalism.

As told by a Federal official, Moores exceeded the retirement age, so his stay at the head of the FSO “caused confusion in some people”. The source explained, “the case of the Ministry of culture” including pressure on Murov.

With Moores was linked the head of the holding “Forum” Dmitry Mikhalchenko, who was detained in Moscow at the end of March 2016. March 30, the businessman was charged on the case about the smuggling of alcohol. Mikhalchenko guilty to smuggling not recognized. On the same day, the Basmanny court put him under arrest.

Two weeks before that was arrested in Moscow by Dmitry Sergeev — Director of the company “Baltstroy”, included in “Forum”. He takes on the case of embezzlement during the restoration of historical buildings under government contracts of the Ministry of culture. The prosecution in the case against Deputy head of the Ministry of culture Grigory Pirumov. In the “case of the Ministry of culture” was questioned and Mikhalchenko.

The age limit

Eugene Moravu 70 years old, he was born on 18 November 1945. As stated in the act, FSO, Agency staff can be contracted on the passage of military service for the period until they reach the age of 65″. The law “On military duty and military service” specifies that the General of the army may enter into such a contract until 70 years.

The issue of the resignation of Murov were solved in 2014, told two high-ranking officer in the FSO. “For us, already for anybody not a secret that the boss is going on a holiday, now he decides either to retire or to leave to the Federation Council”, — told a source in the Central apparatus of the Federal security service.

Moores, graduated from the red banner Institute of the KGB of the USSR since 1971 worked in state security organs since 1974 — in the first chief Directorate of KGB (foreign intelligence). More than three years he was in business trip in Southeast Asia. Since 1992, Moores has been head of a number of regional divisions of the St. Petersburg Department of the FSB, since 1997 held a post of the Deputy chief of management of FSB across St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region. At this time he met with Vladimir Putin, which in the position of Deputy Prime Minister was in charge in the St. Petersburg city hall officials, and Viktor Zolotov, later headed the presidential guard, and from April 2016 — the national guard.

On 18 may 2000, Putin, shortly before he was elected President of Russia, appointed Murov as Director of FSO. In 2009, President Dmitry Medvedev prolonged the powers of the Director of FSO for three years.

The guard of the President

Kochneva on appointment to the post of head of the security service of the President of the “Izvestia” reported at the end of 2015. However, in the Declaration of income on the FSO website has information on earnings Kochneva for 2014. In the document he is listed as the Deputy head of the FSO.

Spouse Kochneva by the end of 2015, earned more than all the other employees of the FSO and their families. As follows from the Declaration published on the website of the Department, its revenue amounted to 58.1 mln RUB. In 2014, she declared 24.2 mln RUB it owns land (2339 sq. m), residential house is 328.5 sq. m), guest house (104,9 sq. m), four apartments with a total area of 351,7 sqm, two Parking spaces, garage, gazebo and carport. Her husband earned 3.7 million rubles, he owned only one apartment with an area of 101,7 sq. m. there are no publicly available data on the biography of Dmitry Kochneva and the name of his wife.

In 2015, the leadership of the FSO changes happened. Service left first Deputy Director Alexander Belyakov and the Deputy Director Alexander lashchuk. In the place of one of them was appointed Viktor Tulupov.